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  1. Jim Rothwell

    Im sorry, Dana...cant imagine what you're going thru. Didn't know Jim well but he seemed like a great human. I imagine the whole Boealps club is struggling with this. Take care of yourself, my friend.
  2. [TR] Primus Peak - Borealis Glacier 7/7/2013

    No prob...glad it was of some use to ya As for Klawatti, it looked like it may be moated out already. When we climbed Dorado Needle a couple weekends ago, it looked iffy. I hear the SW buttress (I believe thats what its called) will go. It heads right out of Klawatti Col. From what I remember it had some interesting moves off the snow but other than that looked to be class 3/4. When we climbed Klawatti last year, we took a gully that was climbers left of the base of the south face...that was sketch and I don't recommend it. Good luck and I look forward to your TR!
  3. [TR] Primus Peak - Borealis Glacier 7/7/2013

    Great work and nice TR! That was one of my favorite trips...such a memorable camp. The views were amazing.
  4. Good work Luke! Im jealous! We were tent bound all day Saturday at the Eldo East Ridge camp waiting for a break to go after Dorado Needle...never came. Ended up calling it a day. Poured about two cups of water out of each boot by the time we got back to the TH. Nice job on getting some sun on an otherwise dreary weekend.
  5. [TR] Lane Peak 4.14.12 - The Zipper 4/15/2012

    Looks like a great day in the mtns! Nice work, Mock!
  6. [TR] Red Mountain - Standard 3/18/2012

    Good work, Aaron!
  7. [TR] Lane Peak - The Zipper 2/11/2012

    I think Luke said it was one of your suggestions, Aaron....Glenfiddich special something or another. Tasted delish.
  8. [TR] Lane Peak - The Zipper 2/11/2012

    Great day in the mtns with Luke and Scott! Those two were animals...i definitely need to up my training. Too much lift accessed skiing this winter...lesson learned.
  9. [TR] Lane Peak - Lovers Lane 2/11/2012

    Good work guys (and girl)!!! You can thank Luke and Scott for those nice steps to the summit
  10. Nice work and great pics, Eric!!! Completely beyond my abilities but fun to read about
  11. Great TR, Pat! Looks like youve had a nice summer so far
  12. [TR] Mt Formidable - South Face 8/26/2011

    I have no problem loading pics into your database, it just seems to poop out on me a lot and after a few failed attempts, its just easier to link to Flickr or Picasa. Ill continue to work on getting those pics into your gallery, as i do appreciate it when others do the same. CascadeClimbers is an amazing resource, we are lucky to have it
  13. [TR] Mt Formidable - South Face 8/26/2011

    Thanks, Samona! Great report out on Triumph, looks like a fun route
  14. [TR] Mt Formidable - South Face 8/26/2011

    Tried that just now and still no luck...I must be a complete moron! I just updated the TR with a link to my flickr acct. One day ill get edumacated on loading pics, until then this will have to do.