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  1. I'm looking at a climb of Shuksan (Fisher Chimneys) in a couple of weeks. Decided to check on the weather to get a feel for what conditions might be like. The Mountain Weather page puts the overnight low on Shuksan's summit at 48 degrees tonight, with an overnight low on Friday of 70 degrees. https://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Mount-Shuksan/forecasts/2782 Is this for real? Are these temperatures freakishly high or do I just have unrealistic ideas about normal summer temps in the Cascades? (I've only done a few climbs in the Cascades, so I don't have a large experience pool to compare with.) If it's really this hot, what's the heat going to do to climbing conditions? (I always get nervous about crossing snow covered glaciers in warm temps.)
  2. Some friends and I are in need of a shuttle service/taxi to drive us to a trailhead by Bow Lake. Can anyone recommend a shuttle service that can haul us to the trailhead from the Banff/Canmore area? Thanks
  3. Actually, somebody does just that: http://www.alpineluddites.com/
  4. Karrimor Alpiniste [img:left]http://www.larsonweb.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/hastonalpinist.jpg[/img]
  5. Toyota Tacoma (or similar 4wd pickup) with a 4-Wheel Camper pop-top. Will go more places, and get better gas mileage than an SUV/Trailer combination. http://www.fourwh.com/
  6. Doesn't match his description of the difficult access etc. I'm guessing the poster was just a troll with too much time on his hands.
  7. Just got this 40% off coupon: That makes these boots $216 TONIGHT ONLY! Save an EXTRA 40% off, no min, with keycode SFB92414 'til midnight MDT!
  8. I have a different pair of Aku boots. (Spider GTX) They are extremely well made. Fit on my boots was closer to Sportiva than Scarpa, so if you fit well in Sportiva, you should fit into Aku (assuming the last is the same on my boots and the ones you are considering.) With Sierra Trading Post's recent 35% off coupon, I was tempted by these myself, even though I don't need boots.
  9. Not all leather is equal. For example, Pittards leather is treated for greater water resistance. That said, I've found that pretty much every leather glove I've used has become soaked eventually when used in wet and sloppy conditions. That's why I now always carry at least 2 pair of gloves when I'm climbing in such conditions.
  10. Just saw this pack at the Summer OR show. Was impressed. Nothing superfluous, but the design and features on the pack seemed well thought out. Seems like it would be a pretty good large pack for alpine climbing.
  11. What do folks think about cables on your pickets? Do you like them? Not like them? I've always just slung mine with a dynema sling, but am wondering if a cable would be easier and/or more secure. I don't climb a ton of routes where I use pickets, so I'm hoping that folks on this board with more experience can chime in.
  12. +1 for the Stretch Zion. Durable, comfortable. I wear them all the time. As for fit through the thighs, I would not describe them as "relaxed" but they are relaxed enough that they fit me ok. I have really thick thighs, and they are a tad snug, but not uncomfortable or restrictive. (This is true of just about every pair of pants out there, however. If they fit my waist, they tend to be snug on my butt and through the thighs.) Also, these are one of the few climbing pants I've seen that are available in different inseam lengths.
  13. A review here: http://www.ukclimbing.com/gear/review.php?id=6411
  14. All weights are for a boot that fits my foot (size 10.5) Scarpa Omega boots with stock liners 78.4 ounces (4 lbs, 14.4 oz) Scarpa Omega boots with intuition liners 73.5 (4 lbs, 9.5 oz) Sportiva Spantik boots 97.7 (6 pounds, 1.7 oz) Scarpa Phantom 6000 boots 82.2 ounces with stock liners and superfeet insoles (5 pounds, 2.2 ounces) 82 ounces with Palau foam liners
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