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  1. sold! All sorts of crampons

    Interested in the irvis front sections and the BD sabertooths if they are still available.
  2. G3 touring setup

  3. G3 touring setup

    Has been an awesome touring setup for myself, but I need to downsize my ski quiver! 185cm G3 Zenoxides mounted with Onyxs for 275-305 bsl, in great shape with no core shots. Had a base grind and tune last season, and there are a couple professionally repaired chips on the top sheet of one ski. Skins are G3 alpinists and are practically new, got them halfway through last season and they maybe have 5 days on them. $400 shipped
  4. Another price drop.....$225!
  5. Bump for price drop.....$290
  6. These boots have about one season of light use on them, maybe 20 days total, and are in great shape. Perfect for anyone who ice climbs and gets cold feet, or has big Alaskan dreams! Selling because I want Scarpa 6Ks, or G2s.....liners have been heat molded once, but there's a ton of foam so I wouldn't be surprised if you could get 3-4 more molding cycles. Will post pictures in the next day or 2, PM me with any more questions!
  7. Knifeblade Pullover

    Selling my basically new small Patagonia Knifeblade Pullover, it has only been used twice as it is too small for me. An amazing jacket, my loss is your gain! Price: 125$ + shipping from Bozeman Message for more photos.
  8. Grivel North Machine Carbon?

    Your hope is correct, i was able to use them this weekend at the Bozeman ice fest and felt that they were very similar to the quantum techs with greater clearance for bulgy ice and slightly more weight in the head. The swing felt very natural being that most of the weight is in the head and the tool requires very little momentum to get good sticks (think Nomic with pick weights). The hammer does seem to be more useful, but i didn't place any pins so i can't speak from experience. Grivel picks are absolutely the best in the industry....the saying "twight proof" comes to mind. Grivel picks also come detuned for mixed climbing so they require less initial modification than conventional picks from BD and petzl. As a side note, BD picks are know to break when torqued hard into cracks..... If I had total freedom of choice on my gear (i.e. unlimited funds) I would only trust my life to petzl and grivel, at least when it comes to crampons and tools. http://coldthistle.blogspot.com/2013/02/grivel-crampons-respect-is-due.html Customer service will be top notch with grivel and petzl too.....BD may replace your gear but the problem will likely be pushed under the rug.
  9. November ice?

    Hyalite is in...way in. Things are phat here and it's only a 14 hour drive
  10. FS: 2 man 4 season tent

  11. FS: 2 man 4 season tent

    I have a basically new REI Arete ASL 2 man 4 season mountaineering tent.....it only has about 5 days of light use and comes with all of the original components. Its a great value for a good mountaineering tent, based off of the Hillberg Jannu 2 (a bomber tent)! Price is 200$ plus shipping from Bozeman Montana PM for more pics
  12. Sold

  13. Sold

    I have 5 Black diamond turbo express ice screws and 2 omega pacific/smiley's ice screws.....all are in great condition with sharp teeth/threads and no rust (one of the smiley's screws has some light pitting on the hanger, nothing to fret about though). Ive only used these screws a handful of times so they have minimal wear, teeth haven't been drilled into rock and they are all still as sharp as when i got them. Lengths for BD screws: 1x22cm, 2x16cm, 2x,13cm. Lengths for Omega Pacific 2x16cm. Looking to sell the whole lot for 200$ but will consider piecing it out......i live in the greater Seattle area and can meet up until Thursday after that i will be in Bozeman, then we will have to figure out shipping/ paypal details. SOLD