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  1. Favorite Quote

    im sure mom or dad said it long before either. never read childs. could be parallel evolution working her magic. Kindle that shit - theres a graduate thesis in there somewhere.
  2. Libtards on Parade: Alcoholism, Corruption, Murder

    Gladly would this cross i'd bear.
  3. Libtards on Parade: Alcoholism, Corruption, Murder

    the drone regulation i refer to applies to WA state and local government drones only, not hobby or commercial ones. it requires a warrant for the collection of private information by state operated drones - primarily law enforcement.
  4. Libtards on Parade: Alcoholism, Corruption, Murder

    aw, jay, does someone need a hug, comere, ya big housecat. make room, FW. FW! WHAT PART OF 'NO SUCKLING' DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?
  5. Libtards on Parade: Alcoholism, Corruption, Murder

    Not to piss all over Jayz rainbow tapestry of librul cliches, but in the real world a) libertarians are not a monolithic voting block. Religion and culture keep many from joining the gay weed love fest b) real live civil liberties organizations partner with whoever they need to for the win. With Catholics on abolishing the death penalty, the Koch brothers on ending mass incarceration, and Washington's tea party on drone regulation. Back to your mirror fogging, Jay.
  6. For All of the Contractors....

    Wait, did my dad rise from the dead with Jebus?
  7. I just wanna say......

    Check it: Baseball in Civil War prisons
  8. big reason cc is surviving

    Bob's mother kept him in a box throughout most of his childhood. Please don't ask me how I know this. He craves love, but can only except it through a crudely cut hole where eye contact is not a possibility.
  9. Username Policy Change starting May 1, 2013

    I was just trying to get you in deeper.
  10. I just wanna say......

    I prefer spaceball, with Russia as the bat. It's probably just a scale thing. NASA needs to hire that kid.
  11. Username Policy Change starting May 1, 2013

    Tvash wuvs you too, Bone!
  12. Username Policy Change starting May 1, 2013

    That's rubbing it in with lemon juice soaked sandpaper.
  13. Username Policy Change starting May 1, 2013

    Did we deserve that, Rob? Why yes, yes we did.
  14. Username Policy Change starting May 1, 2013

    GODDAMNIT. It really does pay to keep track of the date...and the location of the DELETE button.
  15. 30 meter rope on Rainier?

    Most individuals, save the incredible hulk, would find it impossible to pull a dangling, injured climber out with a standard z pulley single handed. You could both bring a double z pulley setup, but you'll need to make sure you've got enough pulleys; the friction of using just biners rolls back a lot of that mechanical advantage. 2 people on a 30 meter rope, for most folks, means the person is the crevasse is going to get their own ass out or the party's going to wait for assistance. It also means the rope's not going to melt/freeze into the crevasse lip - and thus require an extra length of rescue rope. Revolvers (a biner with a built in pulley) offer a more versatile and lighter substitute for pulleys. Expensive, but I've got a pair and use them all the time for all kinds of things. A pair of Tibloc's (which climb 8mm + size ropes) negate all the fuss of matching prusik line to rope size and enable faster self rescue. If all else fails, climb down further into the crevasse to look for a way out. Just ask Joe Simpson.