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  1. What the best camera for climbing?

    Wow guys thanks for all the info I'll check these models out!
  2. Charlet Moser S-12 Rapidfix

    I have an extra pair of crampons: Charlet Moser S-12, barely worn. The only wear is paint missing on the points from trying them on. Willing to trade for: Climbing Harness, Climbing shoes/boots, Nuts, Biners, Cam, Bag. I'm really open to whatever. I would sell for $55 obo.
  3. Charlet moser S-12 Rapidfix

    These charlet moser s-12 rapidfix are pretty much new. The guy who had them before me only fitted them and walked around a bit. Paints only missing on the bottoms of the points. I have no use for them so they got to go. I'm look for $80 for them or trade, rock climbing gear or alpine. http://classic.mountainzone.com/gear/99/climb/cook/crampons/

    I have a kelty crestone 1 tent i just don't have a uses for any more. I used it on solo trips up and around Mt. Hood. It has no tears in it and is in over all good shape. It has some light stains on it from general use. This tent is in good working condition and has a lot of life left in it. I want to trade it for rock climbing or mountaineering gear. I'm open to what ever let me no.
  5. WTF! Climber falls on St Helens!

    Sad deal they say the climber has pasted. My thought go out to the climber and his family.
  6. what the hell!

  7. FS: crampons!

    sent a pm
  8. A theft is a theft is a theft, regardless...

    I truely mean this who gives a shit.
  9. what age is 'too old'

    OldManRock I grew up on Spenser Butte, Pigagh, and Baldy. I got my first lesson in climbing in that area and at the columns. I hope when im 77 im still going at it. Have Fun!
  10. what age is 'too old'

    Im 26 and enjoy climbing with people older than me,one of my main climbing partners is 50 years old and his knowledge his what i enjoy. Im not only talking about his climbing knowlegde but i find the older the person i climb with the more calm and appt to forcast a problem. I hope you climb as long as you are able to do so safely and still enjoy it. Every one else who dosen't like it can go to hell.
  11. MT. SHASTA

    I was wondering how the roads are in mid to late spring getting up to Mt. Shasta. Im trying to put together a climb with some friends. Ill take all the info i can get thanks.
  12. MT. SHASTA

    thanks guys
  13. Mt. St. Helens on the 18th

    I'm going up the mountain on the 18th and i was wondering how the conditions are. Thanks for any info you can give me.
  14. On memorial weekend we want to climb all three sisters. Does any one know what the conditions are like this time of year? I also was wondering the best place to start the climb? thanks for the info.
  15. climbing all three sister in one weekend

    we don't plan on skiing do you think we need snow shoes to travel our travels. I am also winging the camp sites to i don't know the area. Thank you for the info
  16. Lots of Gear...Closet Cleaning!

    50m x 10.5mm Mammut Flash climbing rope. Used twice, great for top roping or as a lead rope for walls. Burly! Like new. 50$ Hi I live in portland oregon and i am just getting in to climbing. I am really interested in this rope and would like to know the shipping costs.
  17. about this site.

    hi. I am new to this site and was wondering where to go to see whos selling what. thanks for the info.
  18. about this site.