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  1. Mods...Its time

    pull your head out of the urinal psuedo-hipster
  2. fuck off

    hey glasgopuss, you are so suck
  3. too drunk to walk...

    I want to screw all the lesbians
  4. Mods...Its time

    that's special
  5. Carrie Underwood

    inverted nipples
  6. Looking for kayakers

    with or without my speedo?
  7. fuck off

    where's my fucking bonus? I'm as crooked as the next guy
  8. CC.com Turns 8

    Let's hear it for Trask!
  9. Mods...Its time

    after all these years i see nothing's changed with you punters
  10. fuck off

    you elected them
  11. fuck off

  12. Sage grn, XL, epic fabric, worn a couple times around town, but is less than a year old. Primo shape, Went with a Das instead and can't afford to keep both. $200 PM me if interested, Seattle area