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  1. Looking for kayakers

    Klenke! I sent a message on FB. Thanks!! -w
  2. Looking for kayakers

    O.K., I know this is a climbing site, but I am sure some of you are kayakers. I really didn't know where to post this, so here it is. I am a photographer looking for kayakers to photograph. I need some action shots for my portfolio. I don't kayak, and don't know anyone that does. Wondering if anyone is going to Flaming Geyser state park this Sat to kayak, and would let me take some pics? You can have copies of all the pics I take. Or, if you are kayaking any place else that would be good to get pics. I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Wendy
  3. Cool Picture

    Uh, nothing was there with that link. (I am not that drunk, yet) I just spent three weeks flying back and forth, and have to travel again, so don't want to see anything scary about airports anyway.
  4. Cool Picture

    I have one glass that I just keep refilling.
  5. Cool Picture

    Oooooh! I just became a journeyman! (I am also a little bored)
  6. Cool Picture

    wow. That's pretty cool. I am a little drunk, but that site has amazing pics. That ant bugs me.
  7. Cool Picture

    wow. That is a very cool photo.
  8. Need a roommate

    Looking for a female roommate to share 2 bdrm apt in Fremont. Placed ad on Craigslist, thought I would also look here. PM if interested. Thanks
  9. I haven't been out climbing for a long time, but want to get back out on the rock. I can lead sport, but not past 5.9ish, yet. I have followed on trad. Anyroad, Sunday and Mondays are good days for me, and July I have a lot of days available. Thanks.
  10. Perseid meteor shower

    Where is a good place to go and see the Perseid meteor shower? I was at Grand Park last year and saw it, but I am not sure where to go now. Anyone have a great place to go that is kind of close?
  11. Digital Photo Tips

    Thnaks is Swedish slang for "thanks" O.K. I have been drinking.
  12. Digital Photo Tips

    Can you come out with me on sports shoots as my consultant? Thnaks for all your info!
  13. VW (Seattle) Plastic Tonight

    Hey, I am also looking for partners indoors (stone gardens) or outdoors.
  14. Winter solo

    You have five days. Why don't you just go, and see if you get a good day? The only thing is being by yourself might get boring waiting around a few days for good weather. Be careful, you tend to lose your jackets and gear when you are hiking around by yourself. (grin) Good Luck, Mr. Alpine!
  15. Climber, homeless, and needs help..........

    He isn't "homeless" until September, 11th, which seems like a really strange date for anyone to decide to kick someone out on!? Anyroad, if this guy is for real, he should take the advice that a lot of people have taken the time to give out, and if he isn't, well...then that is on his conscience. Hollaback!