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  1. Gibraltar Ledges - December

    All excellent info! It sounds like for my experience and the time of year this route isn't for me. Is there anything with good road access that comes to mind as being a good alternate for that time of year? Anything in the cascades or olympics?
  2. Gibraltar Ledges - December

    Me and a friend are planning a winter attempt of Rainier via the Gibraltar Ledges Route. We're currently a party of 2 with a possible 3rd. Would you recommend climbing as a 4 person party? and is 3 people a definite must? What are avalanche risks like on that route? Crevasse risks? How are those risks on the descent route down Ingrahm? And ultimately how possible is this climb in a winter setting?
  3. Trying to move out to Seattle.

    Im looking into all of the places mentioned! thanks for the info although I don't quite have the experience to apply yet for a guide position the WTA seems to be exactly what I'm looking for!
  4. Trying to move out to Seattle.

    I wasn't sure where to post this thread so forgive me if this isn't the correct place. I am an inspiring guide so I'm looking to move to Seattle to climb as much as possible. After a trip up Silver Star Peak this past May I fell in love with the city and the Cascades. But I'm having trouble finding a job. Does anybody know if any of the local crag gyms or gear shops are hiring? I currently work as a trail crew supervisor building trails so if anyone knows of jobs pertaining to trail work that would work perfect. I know it's kind of vague but any help on jobs or people looking for room mates would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  5. My name is Steve and im 23 years old. I currently live in Flagstaff, AZ as a trail crew supervisor. I work on an 8 day on 6 day off schedule so I have lots of free time. I have moderate mountaineering experience. I am an aspiring guide so I am looking to climb anything anywhere to try and get as much experience as I can. I would be comfortable with class II snow/glacier climbs but would love to get on some class III's with some experienced climbers. Would be willing to take time off work for extended trips. Let me know if your interested!