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  1. They're old, they're used, they're a bit of history. Anyone looking for Footfangs for their old gear display?
  2. Looking for older BD screws in serviceable shape. Sharpness is NOT a concern, but plating must be in VG-EX condition still. Rust on the hanger is OK as long as it's not out of control. Ideally will have knobs but I may consider knob-less Turbos. Only looking for 10s and 13s. I can sharpen your other screws as a barter/trade if you have screws that need some love. I may forget to check here for replies, so if you really want to get my attention, email me at Mike (at) AlpineEndeavors (dot) com
  3. Wtb 13cm screw, BD express or Petzl laser speed

    See my reply on MtnProj.
  4. WTB - Telemark Boots(Size 26.5/US 10)

    Question about the size. My last tele boots were 27.5 which was US 9.5.
  5. Partner left it on the roof of the car. It's an Elph in a ratty black case. Modest reward. Pls reply to this same post on mountainproject if you find it, as I don't come to this site as often. Hell, I don't go to ANY site as often as I'm on mtproj!
  6. Helmets and Gaiters

    Helloooooo...Anybody home???
  7. Helmets and Gaiters

    PM/ed about the red gaiters. I'll take 'em.
  8. FS: Black Diamond Viper Ice Tools

    Hey Kid - Ryan Banfield wants to buy your tools but is having trouble using this site. See here: https://www.mountainproject.com/v/wtb-first-used-ice-tools/112480954
  9. WTB BD Rages

    I feel your pain. I now regret ever selling my first ice axe (95 cm wooden Stubai). I'd love to track down the guy I sold it to and buy it back. Anyone know a guy names Chuck Wild?
  10. WANTED: size US11/EU 44.5 mountaineering boots

    Maybe these: https://www.mountainproject.com/v/ice-gear-fs-boots-screws-crampons/112440436
  11. Searching for a Camp-USA Woodpecker ice axe

    Thread Revival... are you still looking for Woodpeckers? I know someone who will be looking to sell his pair fairly soon (i.e. as soon as he decides what his next tool will be).
  12. frontpoints (2) for M10, 8 cm stubby screw

    The frontpoints:
  13. [TR] Mt. Hood - South Side - Old Chute 3/18/2016

    Maybe it's too long because you tend to repeat yourself. (Sorry, trying to be funny. Sux that you can't post it)
  14. East coast ice - early April???

    Just to update - the ice season is DONE in the NE.