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  1. Climbing Denali 2019

    very experienced backpacker but what about climbing experience?
  2. Adams North side conditions?

    I don't know if a TAY report from a month ago about the South Side is particularly helpful for North Side conditions... also interested in what the Adams Glacier looks like
  3. sold! Old guide books and magazines

    If you decide to piece it out let me know, I'd be interested in the beckey books, NW Mountain Weather, and probably a few others. Good luck with the sale though, I totally get trying for the low effort option.
  4. leuthold couloir conditions

    If I remember correctly last word on Leuthold was that the hourglass has completely melted out. You're a few months late for that one. We got alittle snow last weekend but not enough to make any kind of difference on that route.
  5. I'm looking for a split for my girlfriend. The catch is she's short, like 5 foot nothing short so the board needs to be short too. She rides a 144 at the resort so looking for anything in the 140's, up to like a 148 would be fine. I'm pretty open to anything when it comes to brands/models. Also interested in either just the board or a full setup.Anybody got something they wanna unload?
  6. email sent on the screws
  7. WTB: Leavenworth Rock by Viktor Kramar 3rd edition

    thanks but I already found a copy, should be showing up in the mail today.
  8. Like the title says I'm looking for the latest copy of Leavenworth Rock by Viktor Kramar. It's sold out and we're planning a trip up that way in September so I'd like to get a copy to start looking through. Anybody got one they're not using? I'm in Portland but also happy to pay for shipping.
  9. Emmons Conditions?

    Never mind. New blog post from the climbing rangers answered this one http://mountrainierclimbing.blogspot.com/2017/07/hazardous-upper-mountain-ski-conditions.html?m=1
  10. Emmons Conditions?

    Anybody been up Emmons lately on Rainier? We're heading up there this weekend and we're debating whether or not it's worth lugging the skis. I talked to the rangers today and they said "it's variable, suncups in spots and sugar snow in others". I was wondering if anyone might have alittle more insight?
  11. Fuhrer Finger Conditions?

    Gave the finger a shot last weekend. The finger itself was in great shape and we had killer corn skiing around 9:30am. We called it quits at 12k feet but another group pressed on. We crossed paths with them again on the way down and they said there was a huge impassable crevasse around 12.5k feet when trying to get onto the upper Nisqually.
  12. Fuhrer Finger Conditions?

    I was wondering if anyone has any beta on the fuhrer finger right now? I know it's late in the season for it, but it's also a fat snow year so it's hard to say. Anybody been in the area? Does the line still go? I tried calling the climbing rangers but there weren't any rangers there and the guy that I talked to was kinda useless. All he said was they haven't issued any permits for it lately but lots of people have been calling and asking.
  13. Wtb 13cm screw, BD express or Petzl laser speed

    nevermind, campmor has them on sale for 25% off right now so I just purchased new
  14. Title says it all. Looking for a single 13cm screw, either BD express or petzl laser speed in good condition. I'm in Portland so local would be preferred but can pay for shipping for a good deal too.