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  1. best to email me - carson.williambenjamin@gmail.com SOLD $150 - beal rope, 2020, dry, single/double/twin rated, 8.5, 70m, climbed on two trips, very good condition minus some dirtiness SOLD $110 - serac pons, hybrid, worn many times, good condition SOLD $50 - bd punishers - mens M, worn a couple times skiing, excellent condition $40 - bd mitts, unknown model - mens M, lobster claw liners, packed but never worn, like new condition SOLD $60 - alpine draws, various biners, some old some new, shoulder length slings in good condition SOLD $50 - (6) bd litewire draws, used once, excellent condition. $40 - scarpa force v - size 42.5 - excellent condition, save for the dirt and sap of one trip to smith last summer local pickup in the tanasbourne area of beaverton oregon, can possibly meet in portland if youre buying multiple items, will ship on your dime, you must cover any fees associated with funds transfer, prices are firm at this time ~~any small-statured cyclists: i have nice kit on offer too: shoes, rapha jersey, assos bibs, castelli jacket - https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/clo/d/beaverton-cycling-assos-bibs-rapha/7429526850.html thx
  2. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/spo/d/portland-black-diamond-ice-screws/7388371837.html some old ass ice screws... hows bout a cascade climber discount o $120 for locals
  3. email me some pix o the saberteets? carson.williambenjamin@gmail.com pic aint showing here in the thread thx!
  4. Dead Man

    Mt Hood

    god corresponding on this board is so fuckin weird.
  5. Dead Man

    Mt Hood

    every glacier opens up come spring bruh. im talkin bout winter. the zag cracks in the summer, but we walk and ski all over that bitch without concern in the winter.
  6. Dead Man

    Mt Hood

    does the newton clark crack? never hear about dudes roping up over there, and see the occasional soloists skiing over yonder.. big glacier, no cracks ...?
  7. i mean i do so lets take our asses up and learn together.. noob and noob hand in hand, watching each other look like stoopid noobs in a chill reduced judgment environment im gonna be heading up to govt camp as much as i can over the next couple weeks to do laps up from the summit ski area. slopes are hella beginner, not as maintained as the upper (lift served) slopes, probs skin and ride the trails for extra.. highly noob shit, easy 100% of my skiing experience has been back country, incident to skimo'ing, and id say i almost got to a level of general competency one season about 5 years ago and havent skied since.. to let you know where im at. you can be any level of experience from never-done-it-before to whatever.. this is just to get motivated to actually get up there and do it.. commitments to partners helps in actually getting ones ass off the couch, 'n'a'm'sayin'? beware all the rental places are doing 48-hours in advance rn, if you dont have a setup. i have a full at setup already fyi hmu! 971-334-6203 - txt. my telefoño is not for calls oh and i drive, kinda, but my truck is rwd and has fucked up brakes and bald tires.. so bonus if u have a car that isnt outright dangerous to drive in anything but warm dry pavement. i can chip in for gas and always have beer n weed
  8. where located? if in portland and ye still got em, ill give ye asking price
  9. ill take em... in portland, cash in hand, have the rest of the day off.. if neither of these dudes claimed em
  10. this thread is a decade old ill climb hood any time w any of you fkrs tho, hmu
  11. havent climbed for a while, cept fer some hood ss runs, but im tryin to get back to it i have little job and no commitments nor responsibilities i will climb on almost no notice - in fact, i will pretty much only climb w no notice because if we try to schedule a climb for days or weeks out theres almost no chance ill actually show up.. but if youre like "gorgeous man, lets climb tonight" ill just get in my truck right then and go so i dont forget i have long n skinny ropes but no pro yet.. i dont have much gear cuz my ex gf set it all on fire.. buying all new shit tho so.. but i have personsl gear.. helmet pack tools pons harness clothes n shit.. will be picking up screws pickets slings n pins n shit over the course of the winter neways... i always have fuckloads of weed too.. nobody ive been climbing w has ever died while climbing w me ill climb whatever, w whoever.. but im usually bangin around portland, so ... cascades.. not opposed to hopping on a plane tho - for real tho text - 971-334-6203 / email - carson.williambenjamin@gmail.com
  12. howdy friends who's got a used/serviceable nice thick craggin' rope for a noob to do eff-tons of top-roping on, for help-a-noob pricing? hoping for local pickup in Portland thanks!
  13. lookin fer a high performing alpine climbing shell with good ventilation, pockets that make sense, good form fit, and in functionally new condition im in NE portland so bonus if we can meet up n try it on n shit text me, plz - 503three27four244 -Dead
  14. Lots of people want to climb next month.. nobody wants to climb tomorrow?
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