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  1. I found a tent pole 7/5/2013 sitting on top of the snow, a few hundred feet below a popular camping area on Ptarmigan Ridge. Contact me and identify the color, and we can arrange a hand-off. dennytrimble at gmail dot com
  2. Yeah, I mentioned it mostly for people who want to make time lapses without spending a bunch of money. For daytime exposures I like to add an ND filter to lengthen the exposure, so you can shoot continuously and moving objects glide frame to frame. Otherwise, if you add a delay between exposures, fast-moving things seem to jump from frame to frame.
  3. Excellent! You don't even need an intervalometer, just set your camera to manual, exposure to 30 seconds, shutter to continuous, and lock down a manual shutter release cable (the $40 one, not the $200 one). It's lighter, too
  4. Stairs with dumbbells. Works your grip and cardio / quads at the same time.
  5. Agreed, the Handren book is good. Gearlooptopo.com is great for the multipitch routes too. Really nice when you need a reminder where to go on the next pitch, how far it is, and if there are bolts at the anchor. Which apparently I have trouble with.
  6. I just picked up an Exped Synmat UL7. I think it's 16oz with patch kit in the full size 20 x 72 x 2.8, with an R value of 3.1. Half the weight of my old thermarest, and twice the thickness. Slept on it for a week in Vegas, very comfortable!
  7. Mammut Moses. Lighter than the Classic Wiregate, and still "almost" full size. Very skinny, great for racking cams. http://www.backcountry.com/mammut-moses-wire-gate-carabiner
  8. I've got a Marmot Guides Down Sweater, size large in dark blue from 3 or 4 years ago. No hood but it's very warm. $50 in Seattle, add $10 for shipping. Current model (not what I have, but similar): http://marmot.com/products/guides_down_sweater_72570
  9. Nice work! I was up at the lake for some terrible skiing. Saw climbers coming out complaining of dry conditions (not you guys), and promising Utah Powder (damn liars). Saw your camp Sunday and briefly saw one of you in the 2nd couloir. Rock on!
  10. Updated, all the BD screws are gone (sorry cdmike) and some other items are spoken-for pending payment.
  11. Added more gear, dropped the price on the crampons.
  12. Cleaning out the gear closet, stuff that was duplicate or sitting around "just in case". Black Diamond Cyborg Clip Crampons $130 (Pending) Stainless Steel, vertical frontpoints, hybrid attachment (heel clip & toe strap). Used a few times on glacier ice. Not leading enough water ice to justify keeping them around. Includes tool & mono-spacer kit: Black Diamond Express Ice Screws SOLD $35 ea 10cm (2X), 16cm, 22cm, gently used Ushba Ice Screw, Steel, "15KN" $20 22cm, gently used CAMP Ball Nuts, PENDING $25 ea #2, #3, #4, like new Omega Pacific Link Cams, PENDING #0.5 $50, #2 $60, somewhat used, just not lately Black Diamond Hexes $5 ea #4, #5, gently used
  13. OK, $80 for the pack with local pickup in Seattle. Add $10 for shipping. This is a brand-new pack that was bought at the NWAC auction for $120. She can't return it to the Mountain Hardware store because it's last year's model.
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