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  1. Sport Climbing Near Washington

    Go to Smith. It is by far better than anything in Washington and has thousands of routes that people fly from all over the world to climb on. As for Washington, Exit 32-World Wall 1, Exit 32-World Wall 2, Nason Ridge, and Equinox, are all amazing crags. If Limestone is your game and you are willing to drive, Marcus and China Bend is your game. I've not been to Horne Lake on Vancouver Island but many say that it is better than Washington. Index had some good vertical sport routes back in the day however many of them now need bolt replacements and scrubbing and be sure to add several letter grades to any book ratings. Avoid Vantage, Condomorphine Addiction, Infinite Bliss, Or anything at exit 38 that lies on the south side of i-90.
  2. Why all the crag closures?

    Falcons, Hawks, and Golden Eagles are back in record numbers.....
  3. why you should go to Canada?

    Dane, you are the man! Inspiring pictures.
  4. DJ and $5/daypasses Friday 12/2, SBP

    Does 5$ day passes mean "all day", or is it just for the party time? Any chance of ripping out one of the walls to add more steep terrain or aggressively texturing a few of the walls?
  5. Gear Reccomendation for expanding the rack

    You've got plenty of gear. Toss the hexes in the trash unless you plan on mixed climbing in Scotland in winter.
  6. Stone Gardens - Bellevue

    Nice gym but the clips are literally twelve inches apart on the leads in some spots. At many places they are 18". Hard to get into a flow and get into the movement of climbing.
  7. stolen -trail equipment

    If it had been the Northwest Trails Association, the thieves would have done us all a favor!
  8. Please remember to post Hyalite/Cody trip reports in the dedicated Montana Forum. We have a created space for Montana climbs and Bozeman is 600 miles and one time zone away from the Cascades. The ice forum is awesome for checking local ice conditions! Keep the local reports coming!
  9. ice screws

    Black Diamond has always done stuff like this to Americans. It built itself on the backs of overpaying Americans and charged the Euros 1/3 the price...and then blocked or bullied any shipping creativity.
  10. Alpine Tuesday

    Anything around or above Colchuck Lake will be an UBER suck-fest on snowy boulders on the approach and way out.
  11. Found skis - Mt. Rainier, near Camp Curtis

    So did you buy the guy dinner for your heinous sin? Depending on the trip, season or mountain range, the act could have been life-threatening due to fatigue, exhaustion, storms, or floatation.
  12. New Poor Judgement Bolt on City Park

    Thanks for replacing the bolt EJH. The trad climbers I've talked to also thank you.
  13. The photographs are of professional quality. It is lucky the rescuers were able to arrive with oxygen quickly. I've seen people in this same situation nearly die. It was a good call not to try to go for the summit but instead head for the Emmons Glacier.
  14. Mank contest 2011

    Probably about half the pictures in this thread are bomber. Looks like the rangers removed some brand new webbing from Triumph also. If all the new webbing was removed, they better have installed chains....oh wait, not likely.