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  1. Stone Gardens - Bellevue

    Like others have said, the walls are pretty tall and it is a relief to reach the top. It's a really nice place. The holds are brand new and nice and grippy. Your hands will show it too.
  2. Stone Gardens - Bellevue

    The new gym being constructed will be a Vertical World gym. Link below. Looks like it's going to be pretty sick. Vertical World Seattle 4.0 As far as memberships transferring from Stone Gardens Ballard to Bellevue, it looks like it depends on the type of membership you have. Links below. Memberships Memberships FAQ Best thing to do would be to just call and ask. Ballard - 206.781.9828 Bellevue - 425.644.2445
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new indoor climbing gym in the Seattle (Bellevue) area. Stone Gardens Bellevue. Now open. Always nice to check out a new spot. Link below. Stone Gardens - Bellevue
  4. Ok, ok...I'll go. Just go ahead and pick up my ticket for me .
  5. Mt. Adams - Oct 15

    I'm OK for the alpine start on Saturday with the majority of people and for taking less gear to the top.
  6. Mt. Adams - Oct 15

    I'm still planning on going. I'm going to meet ashish there around 5:30 PM on Friday. I'm down for hiking a bit Friday night and camping, or I think a few guys are camping at the base and making an alpine start Saturday morning. I'm good either way. If the weather is bad on Saturday I'd be able to wait it out and see if we could get up on Sunday as well. I'm fairly open to anything.
  7. Want to get out of your comfort zone this fall?

    I went out yesterday with lazzara and no doubt had a way better experience than I expected. It was my first time ever on ice and lazzara helped me every step of the way. I felt comfortable and safe the whole time. It really was like I hired a personal teacher/guide. He played the professional guide/teacher part well when it was necessary and communication was awesome. Again, an absolutely spectacular time and I'm looking forward to getting out with you again. You just opened me up to something new and incredibly awe-inspiring. Thanks so much. Gary
  8. Mt. Adams - Oct 15

    I would love to share a tent with someone. My tent is pretty heavy so I'd prefer to not bring it. Glad you're in on it Bill and climb21.
  9. Mt. Adams - Oct 15

    Any chance you want to bag the rental car and get a ride from me or Eric? Could possibly be a little faster. But you probably put a down payment or have a credit card on hold. I'm all for meeting up in the evening and hiking up a bit together and sleeping at altitude. Four of us with lights should be able to hike a bit just fine.
  10. Mt. Adams - Oct 15

    Found this on the website... "Purchase of a Cascades Volcano Pass is required if you are climbing above 7,000 feet elevation in Mt. Adams Wilderness, between June 1 and September 30. The Cascades Volcano Pass is a Recreational Fee Demonstration Program, see FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)." We'll be climbing October 14-15 so pass not required! Link
  11. All of November? Partner wanted....

    Sent you a PM a while ago; Haven't heard back. But I was just wondering...Where were you thinking for internationally?
  12. Mt. Adams - Oct 15

    Alright, so as of now it looks like we have a four man team. Matt, I'll pick you up on my way down if that works for you. Do we need to get passes or anything for the climb?
  13. Mt. Adams - Oct 15

    Got your PM, ashish. Thanks. Nice to see some others are interested as well. Are you looking for just one partner or whomever wishes to tag along? I'm sure it'd be fun if we could all go, especially Eric since you've climbed it before. Are you renting a car from the airport or hoping to get a ride there? I'm able to drive there if we split gas. I'm all for going with you. As I'm a new guy at mountaineering myself, I think it would be a great route to start on as Eric said. OK, talk to you soon. Gary
  14. index friday? (this and forthcoming ones)

    Sent you a PM there, genepires.
  15. All of November? Partner wanted....

    PM sent your way, powderhound.