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  1. REI Sucks

    I went to the Tacoma REI to try to get either the new Smith Rock or Squamish Bouldering guidebooks for a climbing buddy's xmas gift. No guidebooks were in stock at all, the staff in the climbing section had never heard of Smith or Squamish. Interesting comment above regarding soccer moms. Most of the customers at the Tacoma store appeared to be in their fifties, and judging by the cars they drove (lost of Lexuses), had a fair amount of money. They were probably getting new jackets for a trip to their condo in Whistler...lol.
  2. I want to be a "new girl!" (need RN position!)

    The precipitation totals in Seattle are indeed lower than in Washington. The summer thunderstorms that are frequently experienced in DC are responsible for their larger yearly averages. However, Seattle's gloomy climate has more to do with the persistent overcast than just rainfall totals. Some years there are long spells of rainy gray weather that seem to persist forever. There is also a very pronounced dry period during the summer(When brush fires along the freeways start popping up all over) I seem to remember Phoenix averaging more rain in July-August than Seattle.
  3. Trash

    While doing some reading for one of my Psych classes, I happened upon this and thought of Raindawg This type of man elevates objective reality, or an objectively oriented intellectual formula, into the ruling principle not only for himself but for his whole environment. By this formula good and evil are measured, and beauty and ugliness determined. Everything that agrees with this formula is right, everything that contradicts it is wrong.... Because this formula seems to embody the entire meaning of life, it is made into a universal law which must be put into effect everywhere all the time, both individually and collectively. Just as the extroverted thinking type subordinates himself to his formula, so, for their own good, everybody round him must obey it too, for whoever refuses to obey it is wrong—he is resisting the universal law, and is therefore unreasonable, immoral, and without a conscience. His moral code forbids him to tolerate exceptions; his ideal must under all circumstances be realized.... This is not from any great love of his neighbor, but from the higher standpoint of justice and truth.... 'Oughts' and 'musts' bulk large in this programme. If the formula is broad enough, this type may play a very useful role in social life as a reformer or public prosecutor or purifier of conscience.... But the more rigid the formula, the more he develops into a martinet, a quibbler, and a prig, who would like to force himself and others into one mould. Here we have the two extremes between which the majority of these types move. (C. G. Jung, Psychological Types, 347.)
  4. 5.13 Trad Vid

    Wow! Congrats, and thanks for posting!
  5. WICKED Movie

    I can't find anything titled 'Power of Jam' on that website. Sounds cool???
  6. Local bouldering?

    Gold Bar and Index River Boulders are world class. There's a good overview and list of problems at Mountain Project.
  7. good god,that's astoundingly beautiful
  8. [TR] Cuba - many 1/1/2010

    Sweet! Thanks for posting!
  9. [TR] Leavenworth Bouldering - 10/25/2009

    Nice TR...Pimpsqueak looks mean
  10. [TR] Hell's Canyon - Many 5/15/2009

    Ahhh, that looks amazing! Gotta head over there asap.
  11. Nice variety...sweet pics!
  12. What an amazing place! I remember seeing the name "Les Calanques", but had no idea it was so beautiful. Reminds me of Sardinia.
  13. THE Tempest WALL

    Nice cheap shot from another small-minded sport wanker. Pretty sure Mr. Cilley has climbed pitches you'll only dream about. I completely respect that he chooses to toprope where pricks like you would pound a line of bolts. Jeez, dude...did you forget to take your meds?
  14. Supercrack Leavenworth

    Great send!!! Thanks for the new anchor!