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  1. Southern Yosemite winter climbing

  2. limestone in Turkey

    Hoping to go to Turkey to climb limestone on the mediterranean for a few weeks in December likely leaving around the 7th and getting back just before new years. Totally flexible on the dates. email me at eatsleepclimb@yahoo.com if you're interested.
  3. Trip: cochise stronghold april fools trip - Date: 4/16/2010 Trip Report: http://www.supertopo.com/tr/Cochise-Stronghold-spring-break/t10618n.html&dpid=PzM5Pjg2IyEk&dpid=PzM5Pzg3ICMr&dpid=PzM5Pzs5JyYk
  4. [TR] Cuba - many 1/1/2010

    I unfortunately did not meet Yarboys. Heard alot about him though. Everyone is invited. PM me for details
  5. Cochise Stronghold April 1-7

    going to Cochise on April 1-7th from Seattle. Flying. Looking to add folks to the trip soon to make the trip cheaper. We're spending about 300 or so with flight + rental car, so if you can get a cheap flight the cost comes down for the rental car. If you want to go email eatsleepclimb@yahoo.com Matt
  6. [TR] Cuba - many 1/1/2010

    Trip: Cuba - many Date: 1/1/2010 Trip Report: http://www.supertopo.com/tr/cuba/t10583n.html Gear Notes: rope, harness, shoes, draws. Approach Notes: go thru canada
  7. Cuba anyone? Dec 19-Jan 5

    good buddy and I are heading to cuba roughly Dec 19-January 5. Wanna go? killer limestone, big cigars, waves...good times. Airfare is about 1000. If you'd like to go, call. http://www.cubaclimbing.com/ Matt 2064370016
  8. Witch Doctor Wall

    stay closeish to the creek walking out to the wall, don't get suckered up right heading to the base early. you will have to walk through devils club if you go this way...epic.
  9. general climbing partner

    Hey Folks, looking to expand my circle of folks whom I could potentially go out with. I work out of town quite a bit, but can usually make it back to seattle for some climbing. I live in Green Lake, have been climbing for 15 years (can get 11's at Index right now), and am looking to hook up with climbers of similar experience/skill level to motivate and climb harder routes. Alpine rock routes with a minimum of snow stuff is my style right now as well as Index/Exit 38 after work. Feel free to call/e-mail me i don't check CC super often. Matt 2064370016 eatsleepclimb@yahoo.com
  10. tieton/grateful dead this weekend

    hey, this coming weekend may 16th I'll be hoping to hook up with someone and bake out in the sun at Vantage, before the grateful dead show on Saturday. Anyone interested? Matt 2064370016
  11. tieton this weekend

    looking to find out if anyone on this group will be climbing at teiton this weekend and combining that with the grateful dead show at the gorge? If so gimme a call 2064370016 wanting to leave from Seattle on friday
  12. Selkirks (this summer)

    getting into the hut is going to be tough, since the entire road is covered in deadfall and will not be cleaned up for a few years now. Looking instead at doing some longer climbs in the bugaboos, perhaps the sawtooths.
  13. Selkirks (this summer)

    Looking to take a trip to the Selkirks (based out of the Fairy Meadows Hut) to climb in the Adamant Range. The climbing will focus on hard alpine granite, with some fairly significant glacier travel to the base. 5 hour walk to the hut, a bit more walking to the base. BTW the hut has a hot tub as well!!! Possibly looking to get an FA in, currently gathering as much info as possible seeking competent partners. PM me. As for me, I've been climbing for ~15 years, done many big walls, taken 3 wilderness first aid classes over the last 8 years, and just onsighted 11c at smith last weekend. My single biggest drawback would have to be a lack of serious glacier travel, though i do have some experience.
  14. vantage rock fall

    I've never pulled a hold off at vantage.