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  1. This is a 166cm Voile Split Decision that is completely unused. Asking $450.
  2. Here is the story behind this gear: I sport climb and purchased this gear a couple of years ago to get into trad climbing. Well that never happened and the gear has sat unused since. This stuff is all UNUSED, save for a couple of the carabiners (like 2), which have never seen real usage either. I put a lot of time researching ideal setups and this has everything you could possibly want. I am negotiable on price (to an extent) and if you buy large portions of this lot at once I will give you a discount. --- Cams --- C4s https://www.rei.com/product/718303/black-diamond-camalot-c4-cam 1x .3 - $55 2x .4 - $55 each 1x .5 - $55 2x .75 - $55 each 2x 1 - $60 each 2x 2 - $65 each 2x 3 - $65 each 1x 4 - $80 Older style black diamond cam 1x .75 (Used) - $35 --- Stoppers --- DMM Walnuts https://www.amazon.com/DMM-A1611-16A-Parent-Wallnut-Nut/dp/B00SM8HUX2 I have 1 of each size 1->5 and 2 of each 6->10 $130 for all, I can part out as well. --- Carabiners --- 6x Camp Nano - $5 each https://www.rei.com/product/114101/camp-usa-nano-22-wiregate-carabiner 1x Omega locker (used) - $3 1x Black Diamond Neutrino - $5 https://www.rei.com/product/113465/black-diamond-neutrino-wiregate-carabiner 12x Wild Country Helium - $12 https://www.rei.com/product/115407/wild-country-helium-wiregate-carabiner 3x Camp Photon Wire - $6 https://www.rei.com/product/110188/camp-usa-photon-wire-straight-gate-carabiner --- Slings --- All are Black Diamond Dynex. 8x 30cm - $5 each 5x 60cm - $6 each 1x 120cm - $11 --- Ascenders --- Both are lightly used. (I used the two of them in sequence to top rope solo) 1x Petzl Microsender - $60 This product is discontinued but is still highly desired for its soloing abilities. 1x Wild Country Ropeman - $35 https://www.rei.com/product/115422/wild-country-ropeman-ascender Random 6x Quicklinks unopened - $1 each 2x Pulleys - $5 each 1x Beal rope marker unopened - $8 1x Beal rope brush unopened - $15 Guidebooks 1x Mountaineering Freedom of the Hills - $10 1x Smith Rock Newest edition - $30 1x Exit 32 Rock climbing guide - $20 1x Climber's Guide to Squamish - $25
  3. All of the boots are size 11.5. Scarpa Omega Mountaineering boots. Brand new. $240 https://www.scarpa.com/omega La Sportiva Trango S EVO GTX. Used once. $175 https://www.moosejaw.com/moosejaw/shop/product_La-Sportiva-Men-s-Trango-S-EVO-GTX-Boot_10018754_10208_10000001_-1_ Montrail Torre Gtx boots. Used once. $100 I can't figure out how to upload photos...
  4. These are brand new never used. Never molded the liner. Ready to go!
  5. I bought this last year for $225 and never used it. I'm doing a gear purge and want this to go to a good home. Text: 360-684-2035 Email: stephenmattison@gmail.com
  6. Memorial wknd + all summer climbs

    Email sent.
  7. Help recovering stolen car.

    Hey all, my silver 2000 subaru forester was stolen last night from Howell and Belmont in Capitol Hill. License plate 479VQR. Has a Motion Boardshop and a Cabrinha sticker in the rear window. Long shot but you never know. Phone # is 3603199376. Thanks.
  8. Squammish Sept. 1 to . . .

    I was thinking about kiting up there anyway... I might be down. You have any details yet? I could probably drive and take 1-2 if there's no room. Haven't been climbing much recently, so probably lead easy trad (5.6/.7?) low to mid 10s on sport. Easier is great too, and I'll follow whatever Could be fun let me know. -Stephen 360-319-9376