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  1. [TR] Mt. Baker - Coleman Headwall 8/1/2010

    Steve, great TR!
  2. Lane Peak

    Awesome. Thanks for the link.
  3. Lane Peak

    Any new beta? I'm wondering how filled in the couloirs are right now.
  4. Ptarmigan Question

    I camped on the knoll last year and found a small spring that I could use to filter water. One option is to fill up with water at Kool-Aide Lake before heading across Red Ledge.
  5. Leash length

    Does anyone ever find it useful to plant your ice axe as a personal belay when it is attached to your waist, such as when resting on a steep slope?
  6. Hood Conditions

    The latest avy conditions report isn't promising.
  7. Used Crampons

    I'm looking to buy one or two pairs of used crampons, preferably Grivel G12s, BD Sabertooths, or Petzl Vasaks (all with "New-Matic" style bindings). Let me know if you have a pair you'd like to sell. You can PM me or send an e-mail to ryanrmorrison at gmail dot com. Thanks.
  8. Marking gear

    Hey all, What do you typically use to mark your climbing gear so it is easy to separate from other's gear in your climbing team? I've heard about different color electrical tape and nail polish. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  9. My wife and I climbed Cathedral Peak in early August as well. I agree...a brilliant climb. We approached from the Tungsten Mine area, and climbed the peak during a 5 day trip through the Pasayten.
  10. MLU's mandatory on Hood!

  11. REI Pinnacle pack; any opinions?

    I was wondering the same thing about this pack. It looks like a good pack for sub-$100. Any input would be great. Thanks...