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  1. Pair of Petzl Quarks with hammers - these were an extra pair that I never used - no blemishes or marks - ready for use! Backcountry Gear has these on sale for $390 for the pair. $300 cash has it. Will meet locally in the Portland area or $325 shipped with Paypal pre-payment.
  2. Incredible, John and Doug. Congrats and well done! Anything in particular on how you prepare mentally for a route of this stature?
  3. This will be an excellent research tool. It will mean less time spent at work filtering through TRs for beta and more time working. Probably not such a great thing after all. Looking forward to it!
  4. +1 for submitting to a short film fest! Well done guys - great presentation, good info and an excellent film. Can't wait to see what comes of out of Middle Peak this year for you.
  5. ATMOS 50 is SOLD - For some reason I can't edit my original post today...
  6. Bump for sold items... Osprey ATMOS 50 still available along with SMC crampons and old school ice screws!!! Offers???????
  7. I have an Osprey Atmos 50 and a Marmot Eiger 35 that need homes. See here: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1057651/FS_Osprey_Marmot_Jumars_Fish_C#Post1057651
  8. A quick physician's office visit would determine it. Without seeing a photo, sounds like a ganglion cyst or "bible bump". Bible bump, being old schoolers used to used to smash it with a book as thick as a bible. Not recommended. I had one on my wrist which was punctured and drained by a physician - it came back - finally went away with "pop" while doing handstands on the beach. A little ibuprofen/beer on the spot and it has never come back (5-6 years ago).
  9. Bump - Aiders sold. Packs, pants and crampons still available!
  10. Bump Jumars and figure 8 sold Taking offers on the rest
  11. Prices are shipped U.S. Jumars and figure 8 sold. Aiders sold. Marmot Eiger sold Mistral pants sold 1. Osprey Atmos 50 pack - large, excellent condition (retails for $199)- $115 Shipped Cont. U.S. 2. SOLD Marmot Eiger 35 pack - medium, excellent condition (retails for $100) save a few bones - $75 Shipped Cont. U.S. 3. SOLD REI Mistral Softshell Pants size 34/34 - great condition (retails for $90) - $50 Shipped Cont. U.S. 4. SMC 12 pt. strap crampons - XL - good condition - duck tape in photo is only to keep straps close together - straps in excellent condition - $25 for the set Shipped Cont. U.S. 5. Old school ice screws - going back a ways on these - 2 Salewas and 2 Lowe(?) adjustable - $5 a pop + shipping. All prices shipped cont. u.s. (except screws)or local delivery Portland/Vancouver area. Paypal funds. No trades unless you have a CCW Chernobyl you want to part with.
  12. Scott was my boss for a couple of summers during college at UW. Good man. If you happen to have an email or contact info, I'd be most appreciated. Don't know how I missed this one -Thanks for posting!
  13. This thread gets my vote: 5 stars With respect to the v-threader: if you're worried your coat hanger will break half way down the route but your adamant to using a homemade model, try a thicker diameter welding rod. Good luck trying to break it...it's tough enough bending it with pliers to make the hook/handle.
  14. Replacing the adze for my brother and in need of just the hammer (head only). Will accept reasonable offers + shipping costs. Local pickup in the PDX area or funds via paypal. Thanks!
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