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  1. joshua tree roadtrip

    does anyone want to spent a couple of weeks in joshua tree? i would like to do a 2 week trip from feb, 12th. if you would like to share gas and a ride or are looking for a 5.10-5.11 partner, drop me a line.
  2. Need Ice Climbing partner

    If you are interested in climbing in Lilloet, BC you should drop me a line. I used to climb solid grade V in the Canadian Rockies. Ditto for some good climbing in WA.
  3. Hmm, the offwidth looks interesting too but i didn't have the gear or the inclination to climb this line with such an obvious alternative. How cute! The so called finger crack crux is likely 5.9 by pnw standards. what makes the route such a classic is the quality of rock and the fact that is sustained climbing at 5.7 to 5.8 grade -- a respectable grade for the mountains. live large!
  4. Ah, glad you did a little homework before claiming a first ascent for shaun! on the subject of climbing grades, my route was conservative @ 5.9. maybe the 5.10 climbing grade on your route can reasonably applied to the former route. what the heck -- i might just jackup the grade of the spagnut-lang route for posterity sake. aside from any misgivings that i might have about your fact-finding ability -- you were obviously confused about route details before correcting yourself (sic). Still, It's pretty cool to hear someone repeating my routes though.
  5. Lilloet Ice Climbing

    Anyone interested in climbing hard ice this winter in the Lilloet area? Done lots of grade V's in the Cdn Rockies in year's past. I would like to find an experienced partner with winter mountaineering ambitions as well.
  6. Trip: Pasayten Wilderness - Cathedral Peak - SE Buttress Date: 7/15/2007 Trip Report: Our party repeated the SE Buttress of Cathedral Peak as described in Kearney's guide. Great route! Unfortunately, the standard approach is daunting 18 mile slog through pine forests. Our alternative may be a time-saving aesthetic hike into this area. Since the Wall Creek trail approaches the American border in the immediate vicinity of Cathedral Peak, we chose this route alternative. Years before, I had approached Cathedral Provincial Park (Canada) via the Centennial trail. The former branches off Wall Creek trail and climbs the major of divide into the Cathdral Lakes area. The Wall Creek trail as described in Becky's guide follows the bottom of the Wall Creek drainage. One reaches the Wall Creek trailhead from the Ashnola River road. The original plan was to find a primitive trail up the Cathedral fork of Wall Creek. This primitive trail must be quite vague indeed for we saw no evidence. Following the Canadian fork of Wall gradually gains elevation until the first obvious pass can be seen on the south side of the drainage. Head towards the pass thru open timber. Breach the pass headwall to the right side of rock bands. The open slopes above lead to a rounded ridge crest. Incredible views can be seen from the ridgetop vista. Snow may be encountered early in the summer on the north aspect. One travels east along the ridge crest until Cathedral Peak can be seen opposite a hanging valley. We chose to camp on this ridge. Our hiking time was about 6hr to high camp. We reached the base of the SE Buttress in 1 1/2 hr the next morning. Brilliant climb. Out in 4 1/2 hr to the Ashnola River Rd. on the third day.