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  1. To the fathers......

    this is my wife and i with our 3 girls at smith rock this feb. ages (left 2 right) 8, 9, 13. great time. they all love to climb, but the older two are afraid of heights. the littlest one did the best on this trip. went higher, and climbed more! almost forgot ace, our mini poodle/jack russell! he had a great time, though not a real good climber!
  2. Mount Rainier Climbing Pass

    where does the money from the nw forest parking pass and the sno park passes go? obviously not to plowing anything in sw washington during winter! discontinued plowing i wouldnt mind paying so much, if i could see some benefit.
  3. public staircase?

    never thought of that. are they open to public usually? whats a burpee?
  4. FS - Clothes/Hardware/Bike Rack/Pack/Pad

    pm on quickdraws, petzle auto biner.
  5. Small but good digital Camera

    I did the same thing, only waited a little longer, then got a cheaper camera. i got one of the kodak easy shares. 8mp, 8x zoom. great and light. I waited forever before giving up my canon rebel xs film. mostly, i think, because with the 75-300mm lens on it, it looked bad!! film just got too expensive for me, with no guarantees on quality of the picture.To shoot a whole roll of film, and get 1 or 2 good pictures got old. I went to south sister a couple years ago and shot 2 rolls. Didnt realize till the end of roll 2 i had the settings wrong, and the pics turned out dark, and not enough info on them to fix in ps. so, now i cheat and use digital. i take a pic, look at it, delete it if i don't like it and shoot again!
  6. Hogsback Migration

    great pics Bill! Can't wait to get back up there. looks awesome!
  7. Hogsback Migration

    quite far off to the left of pearly gates. makes the gates much funner I hear. hopeing to get up soon and check them out myself.
  8. Smith from Seattle- Biggs Bridge?

    would have to take the bridge at the dalles. not sure if their is something east of biggs you could do. portland would work good. either 84 east to dalles, then south. or over mt hood on 26.
  9. FSā€”REDUCED--Gear, Packs, Bindings, etc.

    i didnt see a price for the hex set. is it still available? how much?
  10. st helens

    has anyone been up on st helens recently? or planning on going up this week? we are planning on heading up next monday, looking for some first hand accounts of conditions on the mountain. road was closed for awhile, just opened back up. thanks dave
  11. 2 nice jackets...

    do u have pics?
  12. Mt Hood conditions in May

    Great long range report ScaredSilly!! I think you about nailed it!
  13. mt adams

    i was looking at shuksan. looks like fun. any idea what the early spring conditions are like? ie; avalanche hazards etc.. the summit pyramid looks like it has a nice avalanche chute, that in dry weather would be the route!
  14. mt adams

    it figures. what is a good close (withing 4 +/- hrs) climb, with glacier travel. looking for something comparable to mazama glacier. we have 3 people with climbing/rescue experience, and will have 1 possibly two noobs with us. would like to go somewhere other than hood, but if we cant find something else, we'll head up there. little harder to find stuff with all this snow.
  15. kids backpacking/climbing trip this summer

    People, especially kids, just don't use common sense. If a kid is acting that way, it's not too surprising. What sucks is that parents, by not stopping or punishing the kids, are condoning it. I have a hard time going to group events with my kids that are not church related for those reasons. Although, I have had problems with kids, and uncaring parents at those also. You wouldn't have to establish rules exactly, just post for a kids get together and state clearly what sirwoofalot said. If we had enough people, like those who are responding to this post, were to come, and one kid and parent were acting up, we could all confront them. ask them to take care of the problem or leave. although i guess it would be hard to make them leave if it was a public area. could always be a large indoor gym which have rules already in place?
  16. FS: Old crampons and Tubbs

    where are you located?
  17. FS: Old crampons and Tubbs

    whats yer twenty?
  18. So when did your kid(s) start climbing???

    mine all started around 6. they are now 8,9, 13. the oldest one says she loves it and tells all her friends about climbing, but when we go out shes not too into any more. the 9 year old loves to climb in the gym, but gets real nervous on rock. my 8 year old is usually pretty fearless. she was the only one to make it to the top of (or even try on this one) the 35 foot top rope we had set up at smith a few weeks back (all though, while being lowered off, she was the river way below, and started crying from the exposure, thought she was a lot higher than she actually was!). all the other kids stuck to the 20 footer, and were pretty nervous on that one. ill keep encouraging them. if they want to keep climbing, great. if not, i may be able to deal with it? bug, i agree. other kids around definately help. mine seem to like to show off then, making it less fearful for them!
  19. SOLD!! Climbing Gear- 12 QuickDraws- NEW

    can ya see what kind of ropes you have?thanks
  20. sweet deal! think i'll get two!
  21. Cleaning house

  22. im looking for a footprint for the walrus rapeed xv tent. ive searched, but to no avail. if you have one available, let me know how much you want for it. thank you dave
  23. wtb: footprint for walrus rapeed xv

    i've never tried tyvek. does it work pretty good?
  24. Hood conditions?

    well, we got chased off hood today. made it to about 8000ft, top of palmer. wind was blowing a constant 30-35mph all the way up, and then kicked it up a notch. hard blowing snow, and deep powder made for a real fun time. when the sun came out, the summit buried beneath wind driven snow. lots of fun. forcast had called for 5-10mph winds overnight, picking up to 30-35mph by monday afternoon. the winds started just after 200am, a little earliear than we expected. oh well, still beat the heck out of going to work! were going to try again about the end of the month