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  1. Partner for Hood: June 25/26

    Live in Kansas City; looking to hook up with someone to climb Hood end of June. I am flying in on Wed. that week. Have climbed Rainier, Shasta, Grand Teton, Elbrus, Aconcagua.
  2. I read on the Mt. Rainier website that the DC route is no longer a viable and safe route; Crevasses are wide open and too dangerous to negotiate. Climbers have been dropping down off of Ingraham Flats and over to the Emmons.
  3. Rainier or Adams

    I am coming to Seattle for business on Aug. 28 & 29th. I plan on staying for the long labor day weekend and would like to find some partners to climb either Rainier or Adams. I would be available beginning Thursday Aug. 30. I did Rainier (Emmons) last Aug., followed by a trip to the Tetons where I climbed the Grand. I just returned from a successful trip to Russia, climbing Mt. Elbrus. I'll have a rental car as well as all necessary gear, including tent (Marmot Thor 2P). I will fly home on Labor Day. If doing Rainier, I would like to try the DC route, spending a night at Muir & Ingraham Flats on the way up. Thanks!
  4. Summit Pack

    thanks everyone for the feedback...I will check each out; the golite may be a bit more versatile and it only weighs 21 oz.
  5. Summit Pack

    I'm going to Elbrus at the end of June and would like a recommendation on a good summit/day pack that is lightweight, hydration compatible, and just large enough (2500 cu in?) to store essential extra layers, etc. I have a 75L Pack that I will use on our ascent up to the barrels, but would prefer not to use it on summit day as it weighs in at around 6.5#. Thanks...
  6. Once your acclimatized....

    thanks guys for all your input; I do appreciate it. Crazy T: I may pm you with additional questions as the trip gets closer...thanks in advance.
  7. Once your acclimatized....

    how long does it last? I am planning a trip to Russia this summer to climb Elbrus. Living in an elevation of 700', I intend on spending a few days climbing ~14,000' in Colorado the week before I leave. Will this aid in my acclimatizing if there is a 5-10 day interim before I actually get there to begin climbing? Thanks!
  8. Don't Blow That Next Trip to High Altitude

    Thanks....pm sent.
  9. Don't Blow That Next Trip to High Altitude

    or.....is there anything that is written? Thanks!
  10. Don't Blow That Next Trip to High Altitude

    any chance on getting an audio copy of the speech at REI?
  11. Bradford Washburn RIP - End of an Era

    I too have just finished Escape from Lucania by David Roberts: Must Read...Great book about a great man and also his climbing partner Bob Bates. Washburn was one of the first mountaineers to subscribe to 'fast & light'
  12. Free Beer!

    Going to Ouray next week? We usually go to Buen Tiempo for dinner almost every night...I'll buy you a beer!
  13. Your 2007 Climbing Resolution(s)

    'Though my heart is with Alpine: Spend more time improving my rock climbing skills/technique Have too much fun in Ouray NEXT WEEK!!! Enjoy the Elbrus trip in June!!!
  14. Where to begin?

    From the pictures, the Columbia doesn't seem to be able to accept either step-in or newmatic crampons. This could be an important difference...not to mention that La Sportiva is a far more accepted mountaineering brand.
  15. Shishapangma TR

    Marek, Very descriptive & inspiring read....great pics!