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  1. You thought PNW climbers were odd

    This piano makes me think about the way the long-term Arctic explorers used to travel. Think about Franklin with his printing press and band of musical instruments and full set of formal china. Even when they left the ship to cross northern Canada pulling lifeboats as sledges, they brought weird stuff like a silver tea service. Okay, they were probably mad from lead poisoning. But almost every one of the English explorers of the period (even the overland explorers) brought similarly dumb stuff, and they weren't =all= mad. Except for the whole exploring thing.
  2. Best way to become a badass

    There's a choice?
  3. Best way to become a badass

    I'm from Minnesota, too. Ah, the snow, the cold, the nice guys with jeeps who would come and pull your ass out of ten-foot ditches after snowstorms. I had a seriously crazy BF who would open-water snowmobile for distance. Sorels.
  4. Vile Blood Suckers

    Wow, sounds like adolescent acne. Erg, okay, I grossed myself out.
  5. Need Info On Mission Mtns, MT.

    Talk to folks in Missoula. Trail Head sells gear, may have info: http://www.trailheadmontana.net/ I summited my first mountain outside Missoula. Okay, it was Mt. Sentinel, but it was technically a mountain.
  6. Exit 38 Wed. after work

    I'm in for Thursday instead of Wednesday, too, if anyone's game to climb somewhere that's not all 5.10s.
  7. "Fear Factor" for climbers. . . . .

    I just moved from there, and I'm back for a few days this summer. The good news is there's been some new climbing discovered in the area. The bad news is that it's a wall at the KU gym.
  8. "Fear Factor" for climbers. . . . .

    Amen. I spent yesterday at Gritscone doing stuff that's easy for everyone else. All adventures to me and fun to write about -- but probably not here.
  9. Best way to become a badass

    gotta keep their slab climbs clean. All those cracks....
  10. Exit 38 Wed. after work

    I can't find where this was talked about, so I figure y'all will know. Anyone know more about the break-ins at 38? Are people actually breaking windows, and just using jimmies or what?
  11. Best way to become a badass

    Minnesotans shovel 18" of snow off strangers' sidewalks wearing flannel shirts and gloves in -20 weather. For fun. Open-water snowmobiling? Minnesotans are just a different breed of badass.
  12. On the Glacier with a Fat Kid (was Mountaineers)

    Jack London's always so cheerful. And cold.
  13. Exit 38 Wed. after work

    Now I can't stop thinking about crawfish, dammit. :sighing:
  14. Exit 38 Wed. after work

    I lived in Louisiana a few years back -- Baton Rouge. Was pretty fun -- lots of iced tea and lying around meaning to accomplish something without ever doing so. Thanks for the suggestion about the UW rocks. I'll check them out.
  15. Exit 38 Wed. after work

    I had a great time, and I liked meeting y'all. I can't wait to do it again--