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  1. Obamas new energy policy

    LOL, I remember 2-3 years ago when Rush used as proof of the "hoax" that Anchorage, Alaska had enough snow on the ground that the moose were hanging out near roads and railroad tracks...which only happens, like, every year.
  2. Obamas new energy policy

    Yes, and the GOP already blasted Obama for this because it doesn't go far enough. We still have no plans to pollute the Pacific coast waters, either.
  3. Drill, Bama, Drill!

    Is this the Walmart board of directors? [video:youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtBY2__J9t0&feature=player_embedded The funny thing about this is, LL Cool J issued a statement saying he wanted nothing to do with the Palin show. Fox News responded with its usually class and etiquette, saying "we wish him well with his fledgling acting career".
  4. Drill, Bama, Drill!

    Is this the Walmart board of directors?
  5. Drill, Bama, Drill!

    Apparently Obama is not familiar with the old "fool me once, fool me twice" adage. John Boner already issued a statement deriding it as not nearly enough, then wandering off into talk of drilling all of the Pacific and Arctic coasts and how Americans want to know "where the jobs are". Americans mainly work for the oil industry, right? Big surprise, except that Obama's a bigger fool than anybody thought for expecting something other than douchery from Republicans.
  6. Breaking: Ricky Martin is GAY

    This is shocking news. Shocking.
  7. Obama Packs Commission w/ Social Security Looters

    All I know is that rain on one's wedding is not ironic. No I really don't think.
  8. Obama Packs Commission w/ Social Security Looters

    They put the money in themselves throughout their working life, and now want their own money back. Sorry, that's not "someone else paying their way". but, but...it's another socialist entitlement program!!! Are you going Red on us?
  9. Obama Packs Commission w/ Social Security Looters

    Indeed. It is unfortunate that even the flesh of these unproductive units is currently ill-suited to nourish our service drones. It is therefore imperative that our R&D labs set to work immediately to engineer new forms that maximize the nutritional output from the aged husks. Cue KKK "Pot kettle black" comment...
  10. Obama Packs Commission w/ Social Security Looters

    The US Military? I think me and Billy Bob can take 'em.
  11. Obama Packs Commission w/ Social Security Looters

    Those lazy seniors. More of the self-entitlement crowd just like KK and FW noted. They just want to retire and have someone else pay their way. Lazy fucks.
  12. Greek Style

    Did Kojak hack your avatar?
  13. Health Care

    Correct that for ya, a la liberal style! Wow! Fair, AND balanced!!
  14. Health Care

    the funniest part of this statement is, if I actually make more money than you (I DO work, sorry to take that away from your comeback), chances are I'd be paying for YOU more than the other way around. And to know that the well being of the country was where it was going...I would be happy with that. Which is where we differ, apparently. Actually, I was thinking more in terms of Prole (hey, I shouldn't have to pay back my student loans) and a few other CC-comers. Not sure where you thought I was talking about YOU. What ever was I thinking?!?
  15. Health Care

    Ok, so I rounded up by 12. Sue me.
  16. Health Care

    Yeah, I know that. Last year when I checked my credit score it was 794. When I checked it again for this year- last month- Experian came back with "888". I didn't want to pay for the scores from the other two so I don't know what they were. I'm not making this up, but I did think it was strange. So it must be the libtards at Experian.
  17. Health Care

    This is absolutely priceless. Thanks! You're welcome. I figured you'd appreciate it.
  18. Health Care

    Hey does anyone here know how I can ensure that 100% of my tax dollars go only to things that benefit me personally, and no one else? I'm tired of lazy people driving on my roads, using my emergency rooms, shitting in my sewers, and sleeping on my sidewalks that I paid for with my blood and the blood of other patriots.
  19. Health Care

    the funniest part of this statement is, if I actually make more money than you (I DO work, sorry to take that away from your comeback), chances are I'd be paying for YOU more than the other way around. And to know that the well being of the country was where it was going...I would be happy with that. Which is where we differ, apparently.
  20. Health Care

    It's all about the culture of self-entitlement. They DESERVE to be paid for ... by someone else. Thanks for the pep talk, but I actually got my responsibilities well under control, thank you. 900 FICO score, beyotches. Funny how you two resort to unsubstantiated personal attacks when you have nothing else to run on. I feel like I have it pretty good compared to most, and I'm not rich. But I work hard, pay my bills on time, and buy only what I can afford. I have crash coverage which I can afford, but it almost seems not worth it when I look at what would happen if disaster strikes.. I can't imagine what people with less opportunity than I've enjoyed do to afford any thing resembling good health coverage much less absorb a major incident. Jay's suggestion for long term disability are a decent proposal. I may look into it. Thanks for an attempt at a coherent reply. As for you two-
  21. Health Care

    Prole? Feck? Segal? Where is the outrage at this statement? My anguish and outrage at this malicious and clearly diabolical, unsatirical remark has been overturned entirely by the joy at seeing your embrace of gay rights. I signed you up for a weekly newsletter from the Tacoma chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, hope you don't mind.
  22. Health Care

    ...no insurance, and yet you received good care? How can this be! is this really the best you can do? So this is an example of the greatness of our system? Who picked up the bill on this? Is this a sustainable model? Fairweather I sincerely hope your health care plan remains unaffected. Has your employer indicated otherwise? Conservative philosophy suggests that those who work hard and do extraordinary things are rewarded for it. If only this were a universal truth. Apart from being educated and having dedication to your work, did you do something extraordinary to land such a good benefit package? Or was it timing, luck, and circumstance? When it comes to health care, why shouldn't every citizen have the same circumstances? Every single society except ours has already gone that direction. Our system is failing as it stands, and it astonishes me that you would be just fine with a completely disfunctional, unsustainable, and inequitable system so long as it continues to work for you. You don't even want to entertain the idea of trying to make it work for everyone. We're not talking about giving people a free living; we're talking about the health and well being of the population- I think there's a distinction.
  23. Health Care

  24. Health Care

    EXACTLY!!! Read aloud what you just wrote. OK, I did. What's the issue? You don't feel the same way? You are content with insurance companies dropping coverage after the insured dares to make them do their job. Content with people paying thousands in premiums each year only to get stuck with losing their life savings anyway if they get sick or injured? Or, you just have a great plan and fuck all if others don't? Or are you saying this situation already exists? Because I don't think it does. Yes many of us can afford the premiums, but to actually get sick and make a claim? Maybe you have $150,000 laying around for a rainy day sickness, but I don't, and I could live out of my car and work full time for the next 20 years and I still won't.
  25. Health Care

    ONCE had good health care. Quality of health care not to mention affordability have been declining dramatically, in case you hadn't noticed, and just because things are working out in your household doesn't mean they are for everyone else. And don't try to pull the old "they aren't working hard enough" "poor personal choices" "want something for nothing" b.s. There are a lot of hard working people who pay heavy premiums for health plans that still will yield 5 or 6 figure bills, and possible dropping of coverage, in the event of a serious illness or accident. Even the most fiscally responsible person can't absorb an incident like that. NOt to mention all the problems with denial of coverage. I cannot believe you seem to think this is not a problem. My main issue like anyone with this bill is whether is really is affordable for the country. The general accounting office (or whatever, I forget, the nonpartisan one) says it will reduce the deficit. I'm skeptical, but we'll see. My ideology? My ideology is nothing more than I believe that in a country like this that everyone should have equal opportunity to access health care at a rate that each person can afford according to their income. Nothing for free, but no one being left in the gutter.