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  1. chirp

    Hmm his thumb is looking better by the moment.....
  2. chirp

    Sorry.......I couldn't help but look there. It's a good ringtone though....... (so are you saying you didn't notice it?)
  3. chirp

    What is that little thing sticking out down there.......an extra thumb?
  4. Winter solo

    Mt. Olympus's weather looks better than Spokanes! I'm sure you have the right clothing and equipment to handle the cold. Hypothermia isn't something to mess around with. But I'm sure you know that! If you can administer an IV you could always bring saline with you and administer warm IV if your core gets down to low. Ha ha!
  5. What the feck?

    Nice worn out cowboy boots.
  6. male or female?

    Hmm.... I sucked at trying to figure out female or shemale! Glad I'm looking for dudes. Unless there is a quiz site for that too?????????
  7. Hi

    Wow, is that how an angry COCK acts????......
  8. fever...

    As I saw on the breeze I can see the sons of those who came before me And it's got me on my knees What you say anyway As the last little person flashed right there before me And it's got me on my knees Cos I got the fever Yer I got the fever Ya I got the fever It's got me on my knees It's got me on my knees It's got me on my knees
  9. happy new years

    Here's to another year...........live it to the fullest....and take nothing for granted! Take time to look around at life around you because if you blink, you might miss! Nickie!
  10. Two-mouthed fish...

    Um yeah.........I do think we would love it..........
  11. Two-mouthed fish...

    JK.........haa haa! Well ok, human two mouths!
  12. Two-mouthed fish...

    If I could get two mouths.......I'd let it fit!
  13. If I was a rich asshole then I'd do this too...

    What is that statue to the right..........?
  14. Two-mouthed fish...

    Did you just call me a dumbass?
  15. Protecting yourself on CC.com

    What does this have to do with protecting yourself?