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  1. Bike Commuting

    I like to mutter "fucking pigs" under my breath as they drive away.
  2. Bike Commuting

  3. What's the most stupid thing you ever did?

    Sheeeit, how stupid do you think I am? Only trad climbers and the greenest of gumbies dude-you're-the-hand their GriGris.
  4. Bike Commuting

    http://www.timbuk2.com/tb2/retail/catalog.htm?categoryId=0&skusetId=86 I've had a Timbuk2 bag for about a year that I've done the bike-commute thing with. Been through blizzards, NorEasters, etc and haven't ever had a drop get through. For larger volumes those Ortleib backpacks look like the ticket. http://www.ortlieb.de/_prod.php?lang=en&produkt=velocity I also know of people that bring in new sets of workclothes via car/bus/whatever on Mondays and then ride the other four days. Ahh, that's keen beta; thanks. Backpack dealie might do the trick, too. Is this what they mean by "bipartisanship?" Or would that be "bike-partisanship?"
  5. Bike Commuting

    Are you thinking of daisy-chaining?
  6. Bike Commuting

    Bold. I've seen some people with the Ortlieb bags. Those look pretty bomber, waterproofing-wise, but they look a little skimpy on features and padding. I'm not sure I'd trust the laptop in something less than totally submersible.
  7. Bike Commuting

    I've thought about it, but I guess I'm just looking for a less clusterfucked solution, if possible.
  8. Bike Commuting

    Anybody have beta on good waterproof messenger bags/packs? Especially that you would trust a laptop in?
  9. Bike Commuting

    Damn, good on you, mate. I was pretty pleased with myself for commuting about 1/4 to 1/2 that distance. I don't think I could hang with 16 miles each way. I have found the logistical hassle of bringing all my stuff along to be difficult to overcome, at least as far as wet weather commuting. The messenger bag gets damn full with water bottle, lunch, work clothes, and sometimes kung fu uniform & gear, lock, pump, repair stuff, etc. Factoring in a towel, change of shoes & socks, plus keeping all the shit dry (how do you manage that?) seems like too much to fuck with. It'd be nice to keep the cycling going through the rainy season, though. 3-4 months of riding per year is nice, but 8-12 would be better.
  10. geographic illiteracy

    Have attention spans gone to hell, or have we just learned to focus on attention spans as being a problem?
  11. What's the most stupid thing you ever did?

    Onsight soloed Hop on Pop (I think? Whatever the middle 5.8 route is on the Peanut). It's right next to a route called "Pop Goes the Nubbin"--derrrrr, sounds like bomber soloing terrain.
  12. What resolution...

    Mockery plus participation equals zero, chump. Wait on the porch for three more days, then maybe Post Jones will let you in.
  13. What resolution...

    Fo'teen-fo'ty by nine hunnit. Give it up for the wiiiiiidescreeeeeen.
  14. geographic illiteracy

    Six out of six. Are you trad wanks going to let a sports climber take your namby-pamby asses to school on this little quiz?
  15. What resolution...

    Maybe someone thought your eyesight was failing in your advanced age, and you could use an easy-reader monitor setting!