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  1. totally forgot about the panties thanks for reminding me about that Collins. Good times!
  2. I heard it was named after the bus system in Yosemite...??? who knows. I do remember there being some long pitches
  3. Right on guys! This TR is a great flashback to when my climbing partner(best friend) and I where learning to Aid and thought Green Drag-on would be a great time...Well it was! We even brought a portaledge to make things more fun, and learned that even though you are aid climbing you CAN bring too much stuff. here are a few pics to enjoy. Yup... Barry and I brought too much stuff Starting just to the right of the 5.9 cleaning that same pitch... in that fine Washington weather a few months later we came back and did it right, no portaledge, daypack vs haulbag, one full day second to last pitch right near the top Keep up the great attitude and you guys will have a wonderful time with Aid climbing. Barry and I have had MANY great adventures together. we have even gone to places with better weather. Yosemite '03
  4. [TR] Lower Town Wall - City Park 1/28/2007

    Nice work 'olyclimber' I remember my first time aiding that crack...totally ran out of #4,5,6 stoppers. you gotta love how the cam hooks save gear on a crack like that one.
  5. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    Thanks Gaper Jeffy for pasting the link to the story, I too have never heard that one. Can't imagine myself stuck in a small snow cave for that long. The moisture must have been driving those guys nuts. Let’s hope the guys up there brought plenty of food and patients to wait this one out. I believe there are alright and will walk out of this one a few days wiser, a few lbs. lighter, and have a great story to motivate us all on our next adventure out into the mountains. God bless you guys up there.
  6. Stupid Shit That May Kill You

    SO back to that question... how many pitches did you climb? I have been dreaming about that crazy climb myself, there are only a handfull of ascents if I am not mistaken. Just no one else I know cares to join me. I was talking to Jim Yoder many months ago about this climb and his buddy got hit by a baseball size rock on pitch 7. busted his finger pretty bad. They then went down.
  7. Way to go guys, what a great adventure! I as thinking about soloing the west ridge one of these next comming weeks and was wondering if I would encounter any snow on the ridge. congrats again on your adventure
  8. Winter solo

    Good morning everyone, So, starting next weekend I have 5 days off and got this wild idea about climbing Mt. Olympus solo. given the recent weather am i setting my self up for failure or a good few days off. -thanks for your opinions
  9. AT Binding Installation

    Run down to Backpackers Supply in Tacoma. They mount alot of AT bindings every year. Talk to John Inch he is the Ski tech. really great guy!
  10. winter conditions of Olympus

    thanks... found that thread a few hours after I posted the question Still would like to hear about anybodys experiances of a trip like that.
  11. Good morning, I have been thinking about doing a winter assent of Mt. Olympus. Has anyone out there done this lately? If so, what where the conditions of the glaciers?... this might be a solo trip. Thanks for your time.
  12. hold-making: ingredients for low density?

    Not sure how to make the resin "lower-density" but to give your mold more texture, you can use a block of floral foam and a drummal tool to shape the foam. Floral foam is that green stuff old ladies use to make those fake flower arrangements. good luck on the project
  13. Condition's at Convention Center

    After watching video today of the convention center, and the conditions that these people chose to live in, my opinions have changed greatly. There have always been instances where groups of people/refugees have been forced to subsist and survive on their own without the aid of municipal services. Usually people will organize to at least take care of basic sanitation and keep the areas where they eat and sleep in a reasonably ordered fashion. I saw none of this in the video that was broadcast today. The reporter described feces, urine and garbage IN THE LIVING AREAS!!! Did anyone think to organize themselved and designate an area for garbage???? Or how about showing respect for their own dead, and relocating the body's to another area so that the children wouldn't see them? Whatever opinion's we may have about the relief efforts of our government, (local, state and federal), I find no reasonable explaination for this lack of initiative on the part of the people living in the convention center for 4-5 days. Are you telling me that of all the men present at the location, none of them had enough respect for themselves and the dead to MOVE THE DEAD BODY????? Civilized people don't do this......even in the worst of times during enemy occupations, seiges, and other national disaster's, civilized people took care of themselves and their neighbors. I'm just calling it as I see it. That place was filthy, rank, unorganized, and unsanitary. Sick people lived in these conditions for no reason other than the majority of those that could would not clean it up. I'm tired of hearing about racism, lack of government response, poor planning, and all this other whoa is me bullshit. People are ultimately responsible for their own well-being. This is just 2 guy's thoughts on this, and we certainly haven't experienced what these people did, but it just seems like this hasn't been mentioned yet, but we're doubtful that we're the only one's seeing it.
  14. Music Video with Slesse NE Buttress

    First class job guys!!!!! on the video and the climb. Have you climbed with a video camero before, what type is it? A board w/video TR'S would really be a lot of fun. good thinking Olyclimber.
  15. The Golden Arch 5.11b A3

    Thanks for the Beta, Sounds like fun!