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  1. Can you wear a sturdy mountaineering boot to skin and ride a splitboard? What do some of you guys use?
  2. Some friends and I are looking to go up in winter but not until MLK weekend. If that works for you you're more than welcome to come with.
  3. Can anyone give me an idea how much does an average splitboard setup cost and is there anywhere to pick up one used or have they not been out long enough? And to echo the previous question, how well do they handle for the approach compared to AT or Randonnee? Any particular drawbacks? I'm very intrigued by the idea because I don't wanna have to go revert to skiing for backcountry adventures.
  4. Looking to pick up a used car rack that can handle 4 snowboards or 6 pairs of skis. Thanks
  5. Headed to Chile with a buddy mid December and was curious if anyone on here has done any climbing or knwo someone who has? Our ambition far outweighs our expertise but looking for alpine style climbing potentially on one of the volcanoes down there. Thanks
  6. I think some friends and I are gonna head out there early Friday and stay til late Saturday and head back in time to hit the snow on the mountains on Sunday Let me know if you wanna join in.
  7. I was doing some reading trying to figure out if I want to go lightweight with foam or hardshell and came across this article. Most of you probably know alot of this already but I found it informative and figured I'd pass it along... http://www.thebmc.co.uk/safety/tech/articles/issue19_helmet1.pdf
  8. What is your predicted schedule and how many days of hiking/climbing do you think it would take to knock out?
  9. I might be up in Vancouver this weekend and was thinking about heading from there to do some climbing in Squamish. I don't know anything about the area or the routes so I'll have to get a guide book... any recommendations what guide books to get? Is there sport, trad, or both type of routes? Also does anybody climb up there this time of the year or is it a bad idea?
  10. Ya, that looks like the ticket there... doubt I'll be able to find a used pair anytime soon but will definitely be on the look. Thanks for all the advice peoples
  11. I tried finding some info or reviews about BD CF Prophets but am not having much luck. The only thing that I can find anything about that is close to that from BD is the Cobra. Is there really much difference between the two? Are there any limitations of the Prophets? Sorry for all the new guy questions.
  12. I guess I got jacked for the BD Vipers so I'm still looking. Looking for a pair of Vipers or CM Quarks... something along those lines. BTW thanks for the heads up wazzu, those might work but might not be exactly what I'm looking for. I'm trying to be picky (as much as I can with used gear of course) with what I buy so I can grow into it as my skill level increases.
  13. Anyone ever used these? I'm looking at a used pair for a pretty good deal and am wondering how would they perform for an all purpose ice tool for steep alpine, mixed and some waterfall use. Thanks in advance.
  14. My friend and I were looking to go to Leavenworth but the weather is looking sour, then we checked Vantage and it looks pretty shitty (cold and possible rain) as well. I'm gonna keep checking and try to keep hope alive. BTW, never been to Vantage is there anything else out there besides climbing?
  15. Sounds like a good plan... thanks for the advice fellas
  16. Thanks Cobra... assuming I can find some that will work for me those I'll probably lean towards those. Any more recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Interested in the pair(s) of boots... check your PMs
  18. I'm looking to get a used pair of boots that will basically act as an all weather boot for the Cascades. I'm considering looking at plastic but want something that climbs well and isn't overkill for the Cascades. I'm looking at the La Sportiva Trango Extremes and or maybe even the Nepal Extremes. Does anyone know the real differences and capabiliites between these boots? Would either of them be able to handle the most extreme case in the Cascades (say a winter attempt of Rainier)? Does anyone have any other suggestions besides these La Sportiva models? Discuss... thanks
  19. I've done a bit of reading but what situations do you think those would be best used in? I think I just might be interested in those... I'll PM you
  20. I'm looking to pick up a set of used ice tools that I can use for steep alpine and mixed routes and maybe dabble a bit in waterfall. I'm new to this aspect of climbing so I don't really have any specific types in mind (all the reading I'm doing is just making me more confused)... maybe someone can suggest some they have. Looking to spend under $200 if that's possible but might go up a bit if it's a good deal. Thanks.
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