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  1. FYI "Don't get me wrong on the PTs. They know their shit too. I think the two professions should merge, be accredited by the AMA and be doctors of manual medicine." -Layton aint gonna happen. Bad news...too many years of political infighting. Good news...politically we have more pull. Layton, I think we talked on the phone a couple weeks ago. PM me.
  2. Here's the deal with Chiropractic. The education is moderately difficult, but is time consuming. The challenge lies in when you get out...starting a practice is difficult, working for another DC more often than not doesn't work out, or pursue other options (education, research, multidisciplinary practice, etc.) that are less common. That being said, once you have some time under your belt it is outstanding (both schedule and income wise) and opprotunities are only improving. PM me if you want more info.
  3. fledgling trad rack

    easy start... set o' nuts...mid-range hexes. Learn how to place those, and add cams as you need them for routes. That way you learn to place passive pieces (easier to evaluate placement)at a level well below your sport-climbing limit ergo decreasing your chances of falling on a crappy placement. Add time and money and you're climbing hard stuff on a complete rack.
  4. foot orthotics survey

    For in office fabrication your best bet is full length semi-rigid, made from aquaplast or similar material. Anything more complicated requires a lot of specialized equipment/training. Just me $.02 (as a DC)
  5. Numb Hands

    Usually numb hands, especially at night is due to transient nerve compression most commonly in neck/shoulder region (the compression is more often than not due to swelling and fluid pressure). This frequently comes from overtraining, or from developing imbalances in strength and/or flexability. You can usually correct it through a series of stretches and appropriate therapeutic exercises, as well as cutting back on training for a little bit. Your best bet would be to get evaluated by a good PT or chiropractor. PM me if your looking for suggestions.
  6. Health Insurance

    Get the high deductable. In addition to covering you if something bad happens (i.e. spinal factures)...expensive, for day to day healthcare needs it will force a contractual write-off, which will save you 30-50% off the normal charge. the economics of healthcare are such that you simply need insurance, even if it is only catostrophic, or a Health savings account, etc.
  7. Bulging/slightly herniated L5/S1 (Disc)

    The best way to differentiate between the two types of chiros would be to A) get a recommendation from an MD or PT on who they work with or B) call the chiro's office and do a quicky interview asking if they frequently co-manage with other health professions, and can provide the type of care you are looking for. As for forming a different association/boards, that will never happen, and really doesn't need to. It is a very eclectic profession, that serves alot of different people in a alot of different ways. what needs to happen is more clearly designating what type of doctor the DC is, so the general public knows who to seek out. Kind of like the medical field... when you have a rash you're going to go to the dermatologist, not the cardiologist.
  8. Bulging/slightly herniated L5/S1 (Disc)

    I'd like to respectfully disagree. There is a growing number of us Rehab oriented chiro's in WA. The straight inclination stemmed from scope of practice issues, that have since changed quite a bit. For my two cents, I co-manage most patients with MD's and or PT's. That really appears to be where the future is.
  9. good newby areas

    I'm looking for suggestions for weekend trip. I'm a moderate sport climber, and beginning trad leader, and I'll be taking a couple of other beginners with me. I'm looking for either car camping (on-site or close), or low key approach (we have one night only, and want to make the best of it). Any ideas?
  10. Easy alpine rock climbs

    anyone got any suggestions for some easy alpine rock this time of year that doesn't require to heavy a snow approach (i.e. crampons/axe required). I'm in tacoma so closer is better...is the tatoosh decent this time of year?.. I've also heard the tooth, and Lundin peak is good (snoqualmie pass area). I'd appreciate any info you got.
  11. Fossil Rock assess

    OK we went today. cool place...will come back soon. access is no problem, and honestly the place is under-rated. We spent time at Boyal Bobbins and battle of the bulge walls...they were well worth the visit. Simply stated: a cool local crag, with it's own individual quirks (like holds that should break off but strangely don't)
  12. Fossil Rock assess

    A friend and myself were thinking about checking out Fossil rock (yelm area). I've heard that access may be an issue due to logging(?) Does anyone know if or how to access it without stepping on any toes. Any other info would be great.
  13. re-slinging cams

    OK so the slings on my cams are starting to look a little ratty...any suggestions on re-slinging them: I've considered putting on fresh webbing with a water knot, and girth-hitching new sewn runners. I don't really want to send them back to the manufacturer(s) because there are three different brands.
  14. Fossil rock

    A couple of years ago, a friend and I tried to check out fossils rock, but turned away because of signs saying vehicles would be towed. So here's my question. What is the best way to access the crags, and can you park there now? also I've heard access is limited at times d/t logging, is there any way of knowing when this is? Any info would be great.
  15. Tricams...?

    OK. I'm a weekend warrior, climb a moderate sport grade, and have started to do more alpine rock. My current rack consists of a set of nuts, a set of hexes, and slings. in looking at expanding my rack, I am debating whether to go with tricams or bite the bullet and get SLCD's. I hear tricams cover a decent range per piece and I can get about three for the price of an SLCD. Do most of you out there find these useful, and if so what sizes should I look at first. Keep in mind on trad I tend to climb low to moderate difficulty routes (make fun if neccesary but thats my deal). thanks