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  1. So is the tent...... ......Ya really can fit 2 people in there, and the vestage is roomy.
  2. HOOD This weekend?

    Sure...I just might pop in and say hi. Might be goin down to work in PC again this winter, it would be nice to stay near my PNW snow though.....Hint. Love the camper in your blog......swank. Cheers...
  3. dogs on the muir snowfield

    I skied with a couple of canine co-workers in PC UT.....

  5. Snowshoes

    I agree, get some bc skis with skins and ski down the damn thing.
  6. dogs on the muir snowfield

    I dont think so, my hairless kitty goes in a biohazard red bag.
  7. How do you get laid at Pub Club?

    \....../ Bowl.
  8. dogs on the muir snowfield

  9. How do you get laid at Pub Club?

    I drank with Oly 2 weeks ago........My liver is still sore.
  10. Approach vehicle for sale

    Gotta love it......
  11. Happy Birthday Knottygirl!

    Wow.......She is beautiful.
  12. Ye scurvy dog who stole my beer!

    OMG....didn't realize that shit was involved.
  13. best of cc.com Cassin Ridge TR

    loved the "shovot"
  14. Just wondering...........
  15. Snowshoes

  16. Camp Muir status?/Permits?

    Or staying over night.
  17. HOOD This weekend?

    k......this weekend possible then?
  18. Just wondering if anyone is coming from Oly and or is interested in giving a straggler a ride (-car trouble), and perhaps doin' an overnighter up on the flats sometime this weekend. Anyway, if somone is game.....let my sorry ass know.
  19. Anyone have a 3rd tool, or and old ice hammer to part with? Will trade or buy if possible.