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  1. Leavenworth route question

    Well said ! and funny strange the kind of people out there !
  2. Music

    Dave Matthews Band
  3. Music

    I'll take a gun to keep you off My Island ! oh, Music If I could bring all there works then....... Louis Jordan Buck Owens Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) Zappa DMB
  4. Leavenworth route question

    Not New, just think its funny and a little dumb how things drift away from the question.
  5. Leavenworth route question

    all this Smack talk over a simple question......WTF ?
  6. Der rock is..

    Avatars have more fun in Leavenworth, and stay dryer
  7. glam

    T-REX ! One of the Best !
  8. Der rock is..

    Der Rock was dry on Saturday, And Fun !
  9. Der rock is..

    Will be soon.
  10. [TR] Elbow Lake - 2/17/2008

    fun way to start the year !
  11. Ethical Question?

    I think Tyler is a good looking young man
  12. Best Place to Live?

    visit and drive around find the place You both like
  13. questions for parents who climb

    The spouse and Me trade off all the time, but you cant forget about taking time with each other and including everyone in the family also. When My first was born I worried about a lot of things, like never coming home its a balance act, how far, how hard, how long etc......... I'm sure many ponder this question often
  14. Funny TV Shows

    Hogans Heroes............. Sgt Schultz Rocks ! Gilligans Island.......... Ginger in Black & White / Mary Ann in Color Burns & Allen.............Classic Brady Bunch...............good 70's flash back's I had those pants ! Bewitched................. Larry Tate's Lines
  15. Shoot Down a Spy Satellite?

    The truth is Never knowen but by a few when it comes to Military matters. China Did hit there target. We started working on this before the 80's a F-15 is still the bird they would use. The Weapon system they would use I'm at a loss to remember, its been a long time !
  16. Shoot Down a Spy Satellite?

    several ways to do it, they could sling shot up a Sidewinder from a fighter or shoot it with a beam. its all practice and fun
  17. Shoot Down a Spy Satellite?

    I would say for practice, and to show we can do it
  18. Love or Hate

    Love to Hate Hate to Love
  19. Leavenworth?

    Yeah lets hook up Have some fun down there !
  20. Leavenworth?

    Yo Boss Drop Me a line when it starts to thaw out ! l
  21. Kudos to the Giants

    Good Game ! not a great game but great Defence !
  22. jealous?

    Yep Fun Friday !
  23. jealous?

    great drama