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  1. READ ANY GOOD BOOKS LATELY? (Recommedations?)

    Chip Kidd - The Cheese Monkeys
  2. 2nd Annual CC.com Photo Contestizzle

    Climbing Gyslynck's failed ascent of Lighthouse Tower (aka stomping the proletariat.)
  3. Favorite Lunch Spots?

    The Everest Kitchen in Lake City.
  4. Another music thread

    I would like to promote a disc also. Dungen - Ta Det Lugnt It's Swedish. It's good.
  5. drytool thursday

    Are you jerks going to be inviting those of us who are not familiar with the DT'ing but have excellent affinities for binge drinking?
  6. Toketie Wall

    Damn! That's some sweet Photoshopping, Gyslinck! Can you burn me a copy of 2.0?
  7. Silver City

    I'll climb with you down there come March. Unless Mohan makes good on his word and takes me to Nepal.
  8. New music thread - creepy Halloween songs

    If 'Come to Daddy' is going to be on the list... it has to be the mix by Little Lord Fauntleroy. Make all those acid freaks have flashbacks!
  9. The "I got drunk and lost ______ at ropeup" thread

    Yeah...uh...I am gonna need my underwear back please.
  10. Toketie Wall

    Craig... I thought I told you that you can borrow one of my cameras any time you like. I'll lend you one that you don't have to worry about breaking. I'll even hook you up with some Kodachrome!
  11. Toketie Wall

    I heard peshastin is nice. haha
  12. [TR] Moles, Shrews, and other fuzzy things- 9/24/2005

    God, I think you guys are jerks for not taking me! Guess I will have to go with Bogdon and Christian now. How does THAT make you feel Lyger? Good job by the way... even though you have done it many times beofore.
  13. Ah ha! Lyger was right Gyselinck... those were pontoons. I guess you owe her a gram of coke.
  14. By the way... where are all the chic images of Lyger? My favorite is the one where she goes for 'Le Tigre.'