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  1. Alaska Climbers?

    Looking for anyone who is interested in going climbing. Just moved up here and the majority of the climbing seems to be done in the gym. Hoping to find someone who is game for a little fresh air!
  2. Red Rocks Oct 7-10

    anyone going to be in Red Rocks right after Thanksgiving? Could use some people to climb with.
  3. Toketie Wall

    Nah, you just love us 'cause we still talk to you after we've seen you "other" side!
  4. Toketie Wall

    Suckbm, that was the best trip report ever. Thanks for a fun weekend, next time get your lazy ass out of bed a little earlier!
  5. Silver City

    I'd better be getting visits from people, and no skipping out because "The weather is good in Leavenworth!"
  6. Silver City

    Spring break, its what all the cool kids are doing. I'll meet you at the door with a ice cold beer and a pair of climbing shoes.
  7. Cam

    Good luck buddy
  8. Silver City

    Hey, anyone need a climbing partner in Silver City, New Mexico...?
  9. more Shasta winter questions...

    went up Avalanche Gulch during early early spring a few years ago, still lots of snow but once higher on the mountain it was fine. Since the Gulch was steep we decided to go up the ridge just to the right of it. Unfortunatly it was too windy to even stand up straight. Would have liked crampons, but didn't need a rope.
  10. So is the rope-up

    You're a really energetic kisser. I liked that. Oh.. and your personality
  11. So is the rope-up

    I noticed when you were trying to demonstrate on Gyselinck! Don't worry, he loved it. Fun times, fun times
  12. So is the rope-up

    Olyclimber, I really liked it when you licked my shirt and the half hour conversation we had about "suckling"
  13. Toketie Wall

    Gyselinck decided to give up climbing so he could booze more, he told me last night.
  14. Thought we heard voices all weekend, glad there was someone actually there. Gyselinck was starting to question his sanity.