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  1. August Ice Climbing on Glaciers

    Drop me a line if your up on the hill and need a partner for the day...... I wanna head to the nysq fan seracs soon again....
  3. Mountaineering schools ?

    Jesus Christ, Come up to rainier and I'll take ya up to play, and get to meet some new people aswell, and get to hang with guys that are actual mountain medics.
  4. SuperFeet are Great!

    Sorry, I get carried away.
  5. FS La Sportiva Extreme S 42.0

    And are you looking to trade for anything? Gear, etc, or just cash?
  6. FS La Sportiva Extreme S 42.0

    Is 42 like a size 9 or so? 'Cause if it is, I want them.....
  7. coming home

  8. Seattle's #1!

  9. SuperFeet are Great!

    ok, Super Feet are awesome..... ....I use them too...
  10. Black Diamond & Scarpa End Partnership

    I skiied with Andrew Mclean,and talked about it,' one of the product designers', and he didnt feel happy....
  11. Respect for others on Rainier

    I read it......rather sad how some people go off......
  12. Damn. Saying "SAD" as I shake my head.
  13. Alpine Machine...?

  14. Scratch BC's?

    LOL.........How about this... Im bored.......lol
  15. Alpine Machine...?

    Im already begining to sweat looking at it.....But I have a loving girlfriend, so I won't need one. Damn!....lol
  16. Alpine Machine...?

    Yeah......thats it..........I think that would fit in a nice spot in the office. Thanks Lionel.
  17. Respect for others on Rainier

    Its true, Iv'e seen him.
  18. OK, quik question regarding what gear, appart from your rope do you carry on a 2 person climb, how you distribute it evenly, and more........ Just simple enough, we all have to admit to setting our rigs on the living room floor, or the yard and workin it to perfection when nobody is lookin'.....So tell us. My system starts with an 8.5 50m rope with 10 coils off of each end in a kiwi coil, followed by a pulley/locking oval/short prussik/and my leg stirups made out of 5mm spectra cord, all attached as part of the system. I use the attached leg stirups with loops on the ends as my anchor attachment points once Im in self arrest, which also serve as my ascending leg stirups as mentioned. Since its a 2 person team, I like to have my gear ready so all I have to do is place my anchor and attach the rest, which then sets me up for my 6:1 system. The pulley,biner,prussik,and stirups are in my pocket on the ready for action. Its a really nice way to get your stuff set when the sh*t hits the fan and you find yourself in a bad spot. Photos will follow, let me know what ya think.
  19. Crevase rescue gear for 2

    LOL....Right on........ Sorry I said, Duh..... But "Crevas(s)e Rescue for Duh...mies" would be a perfect title.
  20. Crevase rescue gear for 2

    No problem Hen.
  21. Size 25.5 and used 5 times. I think the Mega Ride might be the best Dyanfit compatible mix of performance and light weight. The G-fit liner is a huge improvement over the other heat fit liners, as it has a real tongue that provides some forward support. They are in great shape, super light, and will work fine if you range from a 8.5 to 9 shoe size. If your a back country skier...then you know of the boot. Originally 580.00, selling them for 250.00 or trade for a set of Silveretta Bindings that would work with my plastic boots. Thanks folks..