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  1. Dirtbag no more

  2. Why do you hate America?

    I can talk about this for hours.
  3. SAR Fundraising Scam

  4. OK, Like the post said, Looking to buy an MK1-Lite or will trade for my New Annapurna, used only once. Email or Post, Send Message. Thanks
  5. MSR XGK

    I've had the honor of keeping mine going for the last ten years with no problems at elevatons above 12k thus far. I must say that I do take great care of my gear, and am ontop of keeping the fuel lines clean and jet needles despite using clean fuel or not. Gotta love a stove which will burn 180 proof rum and still give you your boiling quart in about 4 mins.....lol Don't be hesitant of talking to the folks over at MSR, they are great to talk to and I'm sure they have no problems answering any questions, trust me, if they can put up with me, you shouldn't have any worries.
  6. AT boots on Denali??

    I like my Lasers, but I love my Denali's even more. I've found myself tired up on Mcinley and getting sloppy with footing sometimes, and was very glad I had that extra buckle for support. In terms of warmth, I bought mine half a size bigger so I can sport wool sox as I have done the last couple of winters in Utah's back country, but that is another conversation.
  7. Denali Tips and Tricks (Updated Thread)

    Thank God this isn't a last minute plan,...lol Sounds like great advice from all areas. I do advise a good block of cheese though.
  8. Planning on getting one next when I get the chance. Anyone used one and has any positive or negative feedback?
  9. Oh, ok, I guess I'll have to write to Integral Designs and get pissy at them for advertising them still.......lol
  10. Sounds good mattp, I got a pair of whippets that are perfect for that exact thing. I carry only one along with my axe unless I plan to be doing some sking. I just wish the weather wouldn't be so jumpy lately, I mean, in order for me to figure out if its gonna be good, I literaly have to sit for hours on weather.com's site for days to make sure....But hey, I guess that's what ya gotta do. Thanks Man, Maybe see ya up on the hill sometime, I'll just look for the Red, Grey, and Blue hat.
  11. What I initially should have said, given the fact that this forum has a high rate of actual climbers and less so called "armchair enthusiast climbers", that perhaps I would be able to get some decent beta on routes that they have actually climbed (solo or not) recently, and say " hey, so and so route seem sketchy, crevasses are opening up, or maybe, so and so route is wanded well." Sorry for not being specific on my request, I just wished there may be others which do the same as I do and and the skill to do it, and have something to share. Thanks for pointing that out Chiznitch.
  12. MtHardwr Annapurnna.......4 Season..New

    Ooops!!! 375.00 Sorry about that, too much going on these days...lol
  13. I agree on the Frenchies Bill...lol
  14. And am very happy once again to play on the hill. Last time it was approved, it was 2003, however an OK year for climbing on certain routes. This year as we all know (or any season), conditions warrant a not so relaxed approach. I might be interested in perhaps staying within the realm of reality and adventure, and perhaps get some clues as to some decent routes (given the conditions) to forcast a summit run. Hints?????????? Thanks folks.....hope to get to know you all, aswell as some feed back.
  15. I'm new here and would more than be happy to bridle my thoughts on this, but since you asked........ 1) RMI has been seen, observed, and thrown under the microscope regarding their trashing up the MUIR hut with some clients (party anonimous), and cooking in a non-RMI hut, while having a perfectly decent building to play in of their own.....Hint? 2) I have travelled abroad and have noticed that there is very little basecamp segregation Himalya and so forth.....Even on bigger and better mountains sorta speak. So why should we or they have their own little nitch when it should be shared by all?... I Will take this moment to mention, that I have no vendeta with RMI, but they have become very used to their "own ways" and those days are over........Hint. That's all I have to say on this.....And I suggest it is considered, because It wil still continue to be a certain way " under the rug" sorta speak....
  16. WTB Pro/Mini Traxion

    I meant I'll Pay shipping.....lol
  17. WTB Pro/Mini Traxion

    I actually have 2 of those for sale which I just played around with in the yard, and not on the actual "field". They are Mini's and have been looking to sell them. 50 Bux each, and I ay shipping, given the fact that they weigh a few ounces, it evens out in price. Email or Message me.... Thanks..
  18. Two dead on Rainier?

    Sad how a normal plan for an outing can just turn up on ya.