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  1. portland area

    Looking to check out some of the local portland climbing crags (never been to any of them) during the next month or so. I've climbed a lot in the seattle area, but figure it is time to branch out and see what they have down south. I have a month off work after this friday, so I am pretty free for anything. I usally sport climb 5.10ish stuff, or follow trad. If any of you local PDX'ers what to show off what your local crags have to offer, let me know. jared
  2. I have some random weekdays off this next month and would like to get some climing in whenever it's dry. I should be relitivly free after this friday. Have you ever been to tieton before? jared
  3. wanna climb july1-5?

    ky, what did you have in mind? trad, sport, alpine, llworth smith, vantage, tieton, x38 ect. let me know what your interested in. jared
  4. PDX Climbers!

    That will work for me. I live about an hour north of you, and can climb 10s. Send me a pm if you want to hook up and go to broughton or something simular. jared
  5. I have the next two weeks off work, and want to get some climbing in. I currently lead 10's in sport, follow trad, and looking to get into some alpine. if anyone is interested, send me a pm. thanks jared
  6. PDX Climbers!

    whats "local" for you? I have some time off, and might be able to hook up depending on where you live.
  7. Thursday Thursday Thursday

    How late can you climb?
  8. 4 days in squamish

    I belevie those dates would work for me. However, I have little trad experince, so it would be up to you to lead everything. If your ok with that, let me know. jared
  9. cragging Thurs & Fri

    I am off work for the week, if it's going to be dry in eastern washington, and want to go, let me know. Jared
  10. 4 days in squamish

    I am off work for a week or so and would be able to go. Fill free to pm me and fill me in on some more details. Jared
  11. Olympia Pub Club?

    What's the current status with the Olympic Pub Club? Is it up and going again? Thanks for any info, Jared
  12. I have the next week or two off work, and I would like to get some climbing in if possible. Looking for partners for Tieton river, but am open to other NW destionations as well. Let me know if you are interested. Jared