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  1. Seriously though, when is the last time you saw someone try to legitimately onsight Iron horse placing gear. I think it would be a reasonable onsight for someone climbing that level. As for zoom, the hard move is right off the ground, so you can try the move, step off, and try again like most people do without weighting the rope, thus not blowing the onsight. I thought thin fingers was quite hard the first time I got on it. I'm talking about the moves right off the halfway ledge, none of this stepping right nonsense.
  2. Ummm yeah, reducing a 5.4 move down to a 5.3+ move by adding rebar would totally solve the problem. Pointless... The bolts are already there if someone feels the need to add a fixed rope, but honestly who would actually clip into that. Suck it up.
  3. It definitely seemed consolidated from the hard pack down, unless there was a softer layer way down there. I definitely didn't hear the whumps though. I know the cornice you are refering to, we were going to drop above and to the skiiers left of that where there was no cornice. It's hard to stray from the ski area mentality of "hit anything and everything". But I guess thats the bitch about backcountry, we don't have the ski patrol controlling avalanches for us. But then again dealing with crowds sucks.
  4. Thanks, we actually didn't end up hitting that run. Kind of pussed out after those guys came by. Is it safe to assume that the lighter snow from this last storm will generally get packed enough after a couple more feet of snow??? I am sure it has already formed a harder top layer from wind and sun with soft underneath. Should we worry about this unstable layer all season long??? Or does it generally stabilize after enough snowfall on top?
  5. I'm just trying to figure out this whole backcountry thing out, so help me out here. Last weekend we went to paradise and hiked about half way to Camp muir to take some runs. We were eyeing the eastern slope off the ridge which the trail runs up(close to pan bowl). Anyways, I dug a pit and deemed the slope safe to ride (hard pack about 3 feet down under the softer stuff). So this group walks up and tells my friend that we are completely stupid and its a death wish to ride that slope. Were these guys just complete tool bags??? Did anybody make it up there on sunday??? Any opinions on the avalanche danger on the east facing stuff???
  6. Leave seattle somewhere between 11:30 and 12:30. Who's in?
  7. Anybody out there want to hike through the rain and climb at little si? I can drive. Leave seattle at 1:30pm. I have a project that I am working on, but I can belay you on whatever.
  8. Leave seattle around 1:30. Hit up some lower wall routes. Little Si would also work.
  9. Lower wall or upper wall, doesn't matter. I'd go to little si also. As always, experienced climbers only preferably.
  10. I'd be down for some longer routes around index and WA pass. I probably wont head back to squamish this year unless you had something specific in mind that I am psyched on. I've never made it past lower wall and the country so I'd be way psyched on some upper wall routes now that its getting colder.
  11. I can head out of seattle at 1:30, anybody interested? I can drive
  12. Athletics programs, Grass, grass, corn, corn, rolling hills, corn, corn, grass, grass. Oklahoma sure is awesome! Also, how many times was OU rated #1 party school? Hmmm, maybe too much time is spent in the neighboring farms barn with the sheep and pigs.
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