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  1. Red Rocks 2/25-3/3

    Hi! I want to go climbing in Red Rocks for a few days to a week, starting Feb 25. I need a partner. I have rope, lots of gear and a good attitude. I'm out of practice, so 5.9-5.10 is my lead limit, but I'll happily belay/follow harder. I am a safe climber with 5 years of experience. PM me if you'd like to meet up!
  2. Camping in Squamish

    We Oregon climbers are planning to visit to Squamish starting around the end of july. My boyfriend and I and our 2 dogs have purchased a small travel trailer and hitched it to our 81 toyota truck with the intent of roaming around the west in search of cooler weather and good rock. Do you think it is possible to grab a long term spot somewhere? We are hoping to spend 6 weeks around there and cannot budget the $9 a night for camping. Do you have any other recommendations since the free camping site by the river is closed?? our only consideration is that the spot has to be relatively safe since we plan on making short (1-4 day) trips to whistler and the like.
  3. WANTED: Mythos or sirens 38/39

    I want a gently used pair of mythos (mens or womens) or sirens, EU38 or 39. $70?
  4. Lost Helmet Trout Creek March

    It either fell into a pit and i missed it, or someone picked it up by accident. brand new, too!
  5. Trade- New PowerCams 18-Different sizes

    Have a mountain hardwear phantom 0 degree bag i might be willing to trade for some aliens and TCUs... what will that get me?
  6. Lost Helmet Trout Creek March

    Lost a light blue Petzl Elios in March at Trout Creek. Anyone find it?
  7. Smith/Oregon-April 10 - july?

    katy@plateauphotography.net We're in Indian Creek until April 16th.
  8. Smith/Oregon-April 10 - july?

    We live in Terrebonne and are always climbing!
  9. Indian Creek April 7-15

    We'll be there. We need a 3rd for creative photo-taking fun. You may see yourself in print. We're friendly folk and climb up to mid 11s, but will gleefully belay you on harder.
  10. Joshua Tree between X-mas and New Year's

    I will be in J tree from tomorrow (the 23rd) until the 1st of January. Always looking for folks to climb with or give suggestions... it will be our first time to J tree! Trad to 11.a, fun bouldering. See you there! We drive a white 2001 Mazda SUV, Oregon plates. We also have two spotty dogs.
  11. SMITH ROCK - weeknights!!!

    Hi! I live in Terrebonne and need partners for weeknight fun. I want to climb comfortable 9 or 10a/b, trad or sport, do some laps and get back in shape. Please email me @ knewell7272@hotmail.com or call me at 541-510-6402 if you want to link up. DO NOT send me a PM, because I rarely check cc.com. Thanks! Katy
  12. My buddy needs a ride from PDX to Smith Rock tonight or Sat morning! Call him! He has gas money! His name is Ben and he has a dog... 319-230-8463 Thnaks!
  13. weeknights at smith

    I need a climbing partner for evenings at Smith. Maybe North Point/Lower Gorge? I live in Terrebonne and work in Redmond til 5.30 every day... I could be out ont he rock by six. Anyone?
  14. Smith Rock!

    Hi there... A couple things... 1. Is anyone headed down to Smith from PDX this weekend (Memorial Day weekend) and would be willing to take some stuff in their vehicle to my new home in Terrebonne in exchange for some gas $$$? 2. I will be living in Terrebonne/Redmond soon and want to climb on weekday evenings after work! Anyone interested in after-work Smith fun? Call me! Katy 541-510-6402 Thanks!
  15. 5 Worst Routes in PNW

    Last summer we went up to Leavenworth and were advised to hit up Givler's Dome. We endured the scree and scrambling for an hour and a half, then came to a portion of the approach that looked a wee bit tricky so we decided to rope up. After finishing that brief section we decided it wasn't really even worth roping up for. Then we discovered that that was the route. I'm sorry, but that route blows.