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  1. I am looking for a good ice axe. I am tall and need at least a 70cm would prefer a 75 though. I am looking for anything light and functional at a good price. I can always go get a raven pro to replace my heavy one but i don't need shinny. Email me at ejnielsen5 at att dot com or send a pm
  2. Arc of course people can get them cheeper the wholesale on them is 113 so if you can get the BD prodeal that's much lower. The point was that I can get 3 more, can you let the rest of us in on the 135?
  3. I have a friend with an inside connection. If any of you would like to get a pair of BD new crampon design, the Cyborg, with antibots and all let me know. I got a pair for myself and they seem awesome, i haven't tried them yet but my friend says they perform great on vertical ice and better than most for general alpine terrain. I can get three more pair for 150 (plus shipping to get them to you). So if anyone is interested send me an email this weekend ejnielsen5 at att dot net. I have to know by monday or i loose the chance though. They retail for 189 or some of the shops have them for 165 but that is without the antibots.
  4. I have a like new NOLS instructor gore-tex shell. Yeah i know not a hot topic around this forum. The fact is that this shell is as bomber as my Theta AR but it is simply too big for me. If you have a use for it pm me or ejnielsen at att dot net. It has pit zips, helmet fitting hood, hand warmer pockets, really it looks very similar to my Arcteryx Theta shell.
  5. still avaliable? send me an email ejnielsen5 at att.net
  6. I have a TNF cat's meow endurance. It is polargaurd Delta fill weighs just under 3 lbs, packs down pretty small, and has a waterproof shell but no seam tape. I like down more now and have a couple other bags i like. get a hold of me at ejnielsen5 at att.net if you are interested.
  7. I can go no lower than 120 shipped, if anyone can use these great boots for that price let me know. I don't want to get ripped off but i need to move them within the next week.
  8. would you be interested in trying to work out a trade for the Kayland boots you were interested in?
  9. i decided to pick up the tab on shipping and paypal fees, let me know if you are interested. I may also be interested to trade for goretex pants, size large tall. or other gear. Make an offer.
  10. freezerburn might be interested but he hasn't gotten back to me. Until he does these are fair game, i hate to do that but i have to pass these one before i move to NH June 1st. Let me know if i can answer any more questions.
  11. I can't give a personal opinion because they are too small, but they seem that they would if they were the right size. And every review i read said the same because that was something i was looking for in a boot. Let me know any other questions i would be happy to provide as much info as i can.
  12. I bought a pair of Kayland Super Rock boots from Doug Sherpherd. They came in perfect contition as he said they would but don't fit me, i think i need a 13.5. Anyway these are 329.00 retail and they have almost brand new superfeet insoles in them worth at least 30 retail. I would just like to pass them on for what i paid 140 plus actual shipping. This is a great deal and i am pretty pissed off they don't fit. Please let me know if you can use these boots. PM or at ejnielsen5 at att dott net.
  13. I just changed the post, i will sacrifice the shipping i paid since i will have to pay even more to send them back, so if anyone can use them for 40 plus actual shipping let me know.
  14. Just picked up a pair of these on stp. I usually wear a 12.5 to stay tight enough but sadly these were too tight. I can send them back to stp but i figured if anyone else wanted them i would just pass them on. 45 and actual shipping, pm me or use ejnielsen5 at att.net.
  15. No one has a use for this great pack, this thing is really built tough enough to take anything. Make me an offer.
  16. I have a perfect condition Dana Designs Bomb pack size large for sale because i just don't need a pack this size anymore. It has seen very little use out on the trail, a couple of plane trips was about it, i have too many packs and need to unload one. Let me know, i might be interested in trading for rock or ice gear if it's fair. PM or get a hold of me at ejnielsen5 at att.net.
  17. I am looking for a decent pair of climbing shoes in 12.5 or 13. I am willing to buy another new pair but figured i would ask if anyone had a pair that was collecting dust or knew of any good deals. You can get a hold of me at ejnielen...5...@att.net (just take out the ...) or PM me. Thanks for any ideas,
  18. what size are the shoes? can tbe biners still be climbed on or just for the accessories? Might have a use, could pay the shipping and what not.
  19. sorry guys, its gone. A friend of mine picked it up yesterday.
  20. I am looking for a new pair of leathers. I have afs 8000's for higher altitude and i love the way they fit but they are just a little too bulky for my liking at lower elevation. Let me know if anyone has something that might work. ejnielsen at att.net
  21. Astrov, i was interested in that arcteryx jacket did you ever get those pics you said you were going to take? Also i have a pair of AFS 8000 by asolo size 13.5 that i love for ice but am thinking about leather. Email me about the jacket and if you haven't found anything yet.
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