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  1. FS: MSR Microzoid

    Lightly used MSR Microzoid 1-person tent. $75, obo. Location: Seattle.
  2. Awesome Pack for Women

    I have a small frame an extremely short torso, and thus have had a terrible time finding a pack that I can climb in comfortably. I have finally found one, and thought I should share. The Patagonia Gritty pack (way expensive, but perpetually in the web sale part of their website) is perfect for day trips on rock and ice. It's easy to attach tools and crampons to the outside of the pack. The "regular" size is just big enough for a day's worth of gear if you take out all the foam and weird aluminum stays. It's narrow, so you have a good range of arm movement, and short enough that the waistbelt can sit above my harness and I can still tilt my head back to look at where I'm going even with a helmet on. For the approach, I just lengthen the shoulder straps to let the pack rest on my hips. The pack is bigger then anyway 'cause it's full of climbing gear. And it's not unreasonably heavy. It's not a pack for the tall and wide, but if you're small, it's great.
  3. Hi. I'm going to be in Calgary for a week at the beginning of June and I'd like to do some climbing while I'm there. I'd appreciate any advice about convenient places to climb (sport or trad) in the area. Or if anyone could point me toward the right guidebook, I'd be grateful.
  4. FS: Ice clippers

  5. FS: Ice clippers

    Somehow I ended up with two extra BD ice clippers. One is the old style (black plastic), one is new style (gray plastic). They're unused and you can even have the original ziploc bag if you want. $5 each, or less if you can pick them up locally.
  6. Climbing Books

    pm sent.
  7. Ice in CANADA

    I just got back from there. It dumped snow, then warmed up. Anything west of Banff is probably not a good place to be. Kananaskis is good. There's a ton of snow in the Ghost Valley, but it's old. Our 4x4 truck caouldn't handle the snowdrifts and we had to turn around. Rte 11 is surprisingly clear of snow.
  8. There's a yahoo group and email listserve for women climbers in the Seattle area. The group is a forum for discussion of any climbing-related topic and a way for people to find partners. We also have occasional get-togethers that anyone is welcome to attend. I'll PM you about how to get on the list.
  9. I'm looking for a partner to climb at Stone Gardens before work. I usually go on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at 6:00 and stay until ~7:30.
  10. FS: grivel f2 crampons

    Here's a photo.
  11. Climb Saturday 9/16

    It's kinda late, but if you want to give Exit 38 a try today give me a call. 206-595-7287.
  12. FS: grivel f2 crampons

    Grivel F2 crampons with step-in bindings and anti-ball plates. Used, in good condition. Asking $35, but I'll negotiate since I don't use them anymore . . .