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  1. lightD, By any chance did you try out the Manaslu also? There's been many good reports of it's "quiver of one" status but I kinda get the drift that it's got more of a soft snow bias. Don't know why I'm asking, can't afford new skis anyway...
  2. I just wanted to bump this thread and let it be known that thanks to Corvalis Mtn Resue the Mazama beacon basin is now operational. Jerry buried the beacons in about 2 feet of snow and we had about 6-8 inches fall over the weekend so until we get more snow watch out for wires in the snow! Remember to bring 6 C cell batteries and please don't leave them in the control box. Oh yeah, this year Jerry positioned the beacons as they are listed on the powerpoint slides. (i.e. skewed, verticle, horizontal) So get out there and practice
  3. Wow, those pix bring back a few memories as i worked for the USFS there for about four years. Our crew used to carry gear to the lookout and do a bit of trail maintencance so I know at least the upper part from Cone peak road. You ever check out the "Albino" redwood in Lion Canyon? It's not that spectacular, just kinda a curiosity. Thanks for posting
  4. Don't know about that; my toyota alltrac has pretty low clearance and made it fine, so did a suby forrester that was there...
  5. Really, it's on USGS maps? I know from experience that its all a big ravine there as you say and figured that perhaps what they were showing was the dotted line snowfields that show on older quad maps, I could easily imagine that ravine being full of snow 40-50 years ago. Not sure though why they'd add a name to it. Interesting theory about the dam, I was just joking when I mentioned it. Seems like a irrigation diversion dam would be a lot smaller than what they show? Another theory of mine is perhaps that it was a joke put in by whoever made the maps for google. I could imagine them laughing as they waited for someone to notice...
  6. Made the drive up yesterday. There was about 6-8 inches of snow at Cloud Cap campground. The car tracks were melted out on the way down and from what I saw the road seemed good. Theres a lot of little signs along the road showing where the FS either has or intends to add more gravel (signs said "4 loads 3/4 rock etc) and a bunch of new water bars accross the road but all in all the same old drive. A lot of trees along the road have been cut but there are still many that could close down the road after a storm... Couldn't see much above the first ice fall because of clouds, so can't comment on ice formation. On another subject; anyone ever notice that on google maps there are a few lakes shown up around cloud cap. One even is named: "Pollalie Pond" What the fuck?? We noticed it this w/e, Check it out for yourself: googlemaps Strange the way they're just pasted over the terrain, someone been building dams up there?
  7. from the FS web site: CLOUD CAP ROAD RD #3512 : WILL OPEN AT DAYBREAK TOMORROW - 09/29/2009. No woodcutting permitted. Please stay on road or Tilly Jane trail #643. Absolutely no off-trail or off-road use allowed in the burn area.
  8. Anyone in Portland interested in a box of Back issues of both Backcountry mag and Off piste? I'm moving and if no one wants em they're in the trash. Off Piste's go way back to 2002 or so, up till present, Backcountry are mostly newer...
  9. Just heard from Hoodie after a session at the basin. He reports: Burials are all about 1.4 meters which is even better practice. It seemed like #6 wasn't working. I switched it on alone and never could pick up a signal. I could pick up all the others from the box when switched on one at a time. Just an FYI. The other 10 are plenty to play with. Stop in when you're in the 'hood
  10. We're heading to Vancouver Island in a few weeks and want a place to crash for the night. Last time we stayed in Surrey at the Quality Inn but the price has gone up to $80; we're hoping to find a place more in the $60 range. Other Ideas? probably not lookin to camp that night
  11. As of yesterday the basin is installed. please wait until we get some snow to bury everything before tromping around up there. Hopefully the forecasts are correct and next week will take care of that. I can't seem to edit the original post so here's some updated info: and for those of you who were asking for GPS coordinates here's a new list of the beacons and their UTM coords (which I believe are GPS coords??) I DID'NT USE A GPS TO PUT OUT THE BEACONS SO USE THESE UTM'S AS A GENERAL LOCATION ONLY!!!!! Also, the orientation of the beacons is not as per the above chart. They are all set flat on the snow which I believe is a horizontal orientation. Sitting here writing I realize varying the orientation would be useful to some users and maybe I'll try and get that changed (any Mazama ski mountaineer instructors going up this w/e?), stay tuned for an update on that... I had some questions from people who couldn't find the basin and in review of the pix in the original post I can't see how to give you better directions... check out the maps that show the lodge and environs, then go up there and walk up the hill and find it!!
  12. Four buckle randonee boots in excellent condition. They have only been skied once or twice by a little old lady on her way to church. No really, They are a couple years old but have little use, they've sat in the closet and now must go. You can't beat the price - roughly 1/3 the cost of new. As you can see in these pics there is no wear on the soles Boots are in Portland, PM me
  13. yup, without rope or pro it'd be a bit dicey for mortal climbers. The time I was there that brown section was one of a couple ice steps we had to negotiate. the ice was about 1-2" thick and spotty but made for a fun bit of climbing. what I remember most was the surreal sculpted ice and rime along the sides of the route and the posted pix of ice in all the Hood TR's is what me think about the conditions in the gully. be careful out there!! I'm skiing in bounds this W/E.
  14. Not that I want to encourage anyone to head up that way right now, but I'm curious if you saw and/or have pics of the other gully over to the left of your line: I think that's the one (or it's just out of the pic to the left) I've climbed and has a bit more ice and is longer. It should be in fine form right now, though you'd have no where to hide from the icefall...
  15. David, I just listened to your phone message and then promptly deleted it, so since I don't have your number to call you I'm hoping you'll check back here. It sounds like you went looking for the basin but the reason you coudln't find it is because it isn't there yet. I usually wait until theres a few feet of snow before placing the beacons and the plywood targets so that there will be something above ground level for users to hit with the probe. When I was last there a week ago (I'm in tahoe right now) there wasn't enough snow... I'll be back in govy next week and will try to get things in place asap and will post here and on TAY once it's in. As far as best access I think it's best to go through Mazama Lodge but you could also access from west leg road either the bottom or if you're coming down from T-Line. Once in the Mazama "meadow" look for a red pipe sticking out of the snow to skiers left near the top and thats where you'll find the control box. Roger
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