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  1. Love your eye for the foto. I've looked at a lot of TR's of this climb and you have a lot of unusual shots.
  2. Thanks! for the TR and the inspiring fotos. What an adventure it must have been! Gets to be more fun with time, I imagine.
  3. Trip: Diamond Peak - Pioneer Gulch Date: 5/15/2009 Trip Report: Skied Diamond Peak Friday, finding some of the sweetest conditions I've ever encountered there. Was able to ski right off the summit, shortly after 1 PM with lovely, uniform surface conditions from the get-go. Gear Notes: skins and crampons. at about 9:45 near timberline the skins started to slip on the steepening, still-firm surface. crampons served well the rest of the way (though one could have made do without them) Approach Notes: The Pioneer Gulch road is blocked by snow only a quarter mile short of the trailhead.
  4. Great photos, as usual. Fantastic time of year to be up there. I always look forward to your trip reports for the photos. I am unhappy to note, however, that one of the photos seems to show you camping on vegetated ground, which in a busy place like The Enchantment Basin seems to me a very unfortunate practice.
  5. Lovely photos, including those on your website. Evocative of my own spanking in the northern Pickets years ago. (Maybe I do need to try that again...) But on the subject of labeling, I think you have the West Peak of Fury marked as Swiss Peak, and that Swiss is that lowrider under the P of Phantom Peak. Check out for example page 117 in the 2nd edition of the Beckey guide.
  6. Looks like great fun. I did manage to figure out the view in those last couple of pictures too. You ranged far! Will look forward to the TR of the completed traverse.
  7. Having, along with my wife and daughter, run in to the two of you at the crossing of Maple Creek on 8/14, I believe I have an excellent guess as to where that first picture was taken, but won't spoil it for others. I would like to hear what the climbing was like. Hiking, you say? I had a feeling you hadn't bothered with the permit.
  8. We were up there 6/20 -24, summiting on W McMillan on the 22nd. That campsite was a little less green but still an idyllic spot. Our summit day included several hours of lounging around on rocks at the base of Terror Glacier waiting for the white-out to lift. For pics of the weather that day try picasaweb.google.com/john.wahlund. We were carrying gear for a week so it took us all of a day to get to the 'heather bench' camp. We tried without success to find an acceptable way across the barrier on 6/23 and bailed on the 24th, choosing to spend the last day of our trip doing some easy rockclimbing at sunny Washington Pass.
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