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  1. Mt Adams July13-14

    The last climbing info I have is read is July 5th, anyone know of recent beta? Thanks!
  2. Mt Hood April 10th

    Just saw this, sorry! I got to top of Hogsback. Very steep either way up.... And icy!
  3. Mt Hood

    Hey! Great shot! I'm heading up tomorrow night and your pic was the most recent I could find, thanks!
  4. Mt Hood (late April - May)

    Hey, I'm heading out tomorrow night to climb Hood. I'll post some beta when I return.
  5. Mt Hood April 10th

    Happy Spring! Does anyone know any information on Hogsback climbing conditions? Climbing tomorrow night and looking for beta. Thanks!
  6. relocated and need partners

    Hey I too am looking for partners this Summer. Schools out in 2 weeks, I'm a teacher. I love Frenchmen Coulee until it gets too hot. I climb around the 5.8-5.10...
  7. Mt Hood

    Hey, do you have current conditions on the Hogsback route...we are thinking of climbing Saturday, June 8th.
  8. yosemite

    Information on Yosemite? I am headed down there on the 19th for a week. How is the smoke? Is the area affected much by the fires? Teacher on Summer Break!
  9. Vantage 4/28-29

    Any interest?
  10. thurs nite nevermind session

    Hey as soon as it warms up at bit more, I would love to hook up and climb at the exits, teach in N.B. live at the pass.
  11. Wed-Sun/ Tieton, Lworth,Vantage, Alpine

    Hey, saw your message. I live up at the pass and am looking for people to climb with in Vantage on weekends, let me know
  12. Looking for partners to climb at Frenchman Coulee, first time out since Fall, my range, for now would be 5.6---5.8 or 5.9 if I'm warmed up. Have sport gear, ropes,