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  1. ski boots suck

    I have heard only good things about the Adrenalin's. Seen people ride tough with that boot.
  2. Black Diamond Arc Ascents????? Advice

    I would go longer if your going to be skiing freshiez...
  3. Favorite ski tune shops?

    Out on the porch with an iron, wax, file, beer.
  4. Contacting kate gengo

    Hi, i'm looking for kate gengo, I hear she lives in ballard and she's got some gear of mine. Any info on a way to get ahold of her would be very helpful. Send me a PM if you have a way of contacting her. Cheers.
  5. Hey all I left two ABC etriers at the bottom of punk rock, most likely under the Dirty Deeds climb. So yeah if you found/find them it'd be sweet to get them back and all.. There might be some more booty with them, haven't managed to figure out what yet. Give me a PM and i'll hook with a six pack or somthin.
  6. Tahoe

    I was down there from 20 to the 24 and it was sick. I had never skied high sierra snow before, it blew my mind. I hit up sqaw, northstar, and donner peak. Stayed in bounds the whole time cause weather but would love to do some touring there next time I find myself down south. People who are living there this year must be having a time of their lifes.
  7. Gotama

    Heres a sale I found if you looking for some: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=25968
  8. Gotama

    Ahhh, the Gotama's, good choice. I have talked to a lot of skiers this year that are thinking of mounting the Gotama’s with the freerides at the end of this season. What I have heard is that they have a lot of flex but not very noodley (torsionally stiff). This is only what I have heard, haven't riden on them. They have a squared up tail so they work well with skins and for the mondo switch outs. If your thinking about mounting in the middle you should ask yourself are you going to be riding rails? If yes then do it, if not why would you even want to? Only thing I can think of that would change if mounted in the middle would be the possibility of the tips diving when skinning up, could rhetorically become a problem, but doubtful with those phattys. If I had a choice of my dream AT set up this would be at the top.
  9. I'v got a pair of 188 length Volkl P40 skis with Marker Comp 1400 Bindings. The Skis and binding have been pampered, not a scratch on the bases. I raced on them for 2 years and this season they have just sat. These would be a great ski for a strong intermediate to advanced skier who wants to cruise through crud, carve on groomers and hit some pow pow every once and while. Asking 250. I can send pic's if your interested.
  10. iPod Shuffle - Anyone Got One?

    I have the muvo micro n200 512mb mp3 player and really like it. Easy to use and comes with a arm strap, belt clip, and head phones. I didn't think the recording feature was going to come into use but i used it today to record a girl's number while on the lift, skiing at mt. baker. That alone made it a great buy.
  11. [TR] patagonia- photos 12/17/2005

    Sounds like a fun time, nice pic's. Bums on the fire makin you leave early.
  12. Looking for British Columbia Ski Huts

    Any one know where i can find weather/base depths for any of these areas. I'm kinda thinkin that there might not be snow up there mid to late march. Thoughts...
  13. Bike Stolen in Bellingham

    Got mine stolen too, from outside fairhaven dorms. They cut the lock. yellow GT frame, stiff black front fork. Pretty old crappy bike but my only means of transportation. I feel your pain. Isn't much you can do about it...besides get a real beater to ride around and hide the mountain bike in the closet.
  14. Fire Fighting in Patagonia

    Dude, now you can come back to oregon and fight fires here too, We have no snow pack. Hope you had a rad 19th. Got any maps/pics of whats going on there. Cheers.
  15. Looking for British Columbia Ski Huts

    PaulB, I do you have any more information on the Cerise Creek hut. I couldn't seem to get info on it. Is it a first come first serve deal?