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  1. Current Ice Stoke

    This morning...Undisclosed location...
  2. Road Closure Beta?

    Forest Service Link
  3. Hwy 20/Washington Pass

    I tried driving up to Washington Pass this morning. They were not plowing, and I turned around in 6 inches of snow at MP 146. They have since "temporarily" closed the highway. That might be it for the season. Pass Info
  4. Alpine suit, Miscellaneous stuff.

    Check your PM's, Travis.
  5. Favorite Scurlock Photo

    I've always liked this one. http://www.pbase.com/nolock/image/42292866
  6. BD ATC Guide

    Brand spankin' new, still in the cardboard packaging. I just don't need two of them. $20 plus $4.05 for a priority flate rate envelope to put it in.
  7. Summer Job Opportunity

    The formal job announcement: http://ncascades.org/more_info/news/deta...1E113xYV1E39414
  8. Summer Job Opportunity

    I'm looking for an experienced cook to help me out at North Cascades Institute's Environmental Learning Center starting the first week of June. Full time, $10/hr, includes room and board. The ELC is located on Diablo Lake, Hwy 20 milepost 127. You drive across Diablo Dam to get the site. Email me your resume or a letter of interest outlining your experience, or call me at 206-526-2589. There will be plenty of chances for you to get out and play in the hills outside your front door. Check out our website: www.ncascades.org www.ncascades.org
  9. La Sportiva B5

    I had old mountain masters & loved them, but they were redesigned a year or two ago (subtly), and I didn't like them as much. Thanks for the input, all.
  10. Winter failures admitances

    This was Jan, BTW
  11. Winter failures admitances

    I wanted South Hozomeen like a lover. I paddled from Diablo Lake to Raindbow Pt on day one (). The worst part was carrying the boat and two (2!) packs up to near the resort and scrambling down the crazy loose shore to even get into Ross Lake. Day two I pee-daddled up to Hozomeen campground in a couple of hours. I wish it had taken me longer. I explored the area and ended up camping just beside the big boat-ramp pull-out. Snow-rain all night long until 4 am, proper alpine start time, so I headed up the Hozomeen Lake Trail. 1 hour later I was soaked to the skin, dreading the snow-cave bivy sack overnight somewhere high on the north slope. I broke camp and started paddling back south about 9:30 am, reached Ross Dam 4:30. Skinned the keel, and hiked back home via Diablo Lake trail, home by 6:30PM, day 2. If anybody still wants to rush S. hozomeen for a winter ascent in the next nine days and loves a fast 24 mile paddle one way, PM. Any other big planned winter failures this season?
  12. La Sportiva B5

    Anybody worn these or know where they might be available? My 5.10 guide tennies wore out too fast, so I'm looking for a sticky lugged sole rather than dotty. Opinions on other do-it-all approach shoes welcomed.
  13. [TR] Snowfield Peak, Neve Glacier- Pyramid Lake 1/24/2006

    Saw your jeep at the trailhead & wondered if I'd see a trip report posted. Good on ya for getting out.
  14. Pan Dome

    Were you up there with Robert?
  15. Bad Climbing movies

    My favorite good bad climbing movie is The Mountain staring Spencer Tracy and Robert Wagner. 1956. Too bad I can't get it on Netflix.