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  1. Women B/C Skiiers?

    Check your pms.... Im in after Jan. 9th
  2. Backpack as carry-on on flights

    The largest bag I have carried on an international flight is a 35 liter pack. It barely fit in the overhead compartment. But the point is that they let me on the plane. Im going to Thailand in a couple of weeks and we are going to try to get a bag thats a little bit bigger on. Point being - You might be able to get your bag on if its not filled up all the way and somehow you can compress it down to the size of a small-medium size suitcase. Good luck.
  3. IT-band-like syndrome

    http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/threadz/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/507614/an/0/page/0#507614 Basically the same thing..
  4. Thailand climbing info

    MMM Coffeee!
  5. Stupid Alpine Training?

    John - who was the person you make where Ice mits in the shower? Was it my boyfriend?
  6. Need help and advice:

    I second the vote for The Mountain Shop. I have gone to US Outdoor for many purchases but for skis I'd stick with TMS.. Although you could always find out exactly what you want/need at a place like TMS then go online and find that exact set-up for much cheaper... Be wise - dont pay full price unless you absolutely have to.
  7. Thailand climbing info

    Wow! Thanks for the update. We unfortunately will be unable to help with the reconstruction but perhaps our $ will be enough to help the local people. Camillo - maybe we'll run into eachother. We have planned to stay at the Countryside bungalows in Tonsai for 9 nights and then going to an island Ko Loaliang for 5 nights (deep water soloing). . .
  8. runners knee

    Home remedies for stretching IT bands...no joke Get a rolling pin. Insert the rolling pin or similar sized cylinder under the bottom leg just above the knee. Now prop yourself up on your elbow and roll your leg along the rolling pin. I roll for several minutes on each side and work all the way from the knee up to the hip bone. also see:http://www.ultrunr.com/itb.html
  9. RC.com is NUTS!!

    Aw, Nuts!
  10. Washing rock shoes

    Hmmm... We'll let you know how that goes after free soloing in Thailand next month
  11. Thailand climbing info

    Hey BadVoodo are you back from Thailand yet? Illini and I are going for the month of December and are super excited about climbing in Tonsai and Chang Mai. Give a shout if you have advice...
  12. runners knee

    I was diagnosed with "runners knee" a little over a year ago. I was encouraged to stop running such long distances (more than 6 miles), run on non-paved surfaces, and vary my workouts more to strengthen my knees and surrounding muscles. I have started to wear (when I remember) those knee band things that help your patella stay in place and it has helped immensly. Also, try stretching your IT band. Most of the time Drs will focus in on hamstring, quads, hips as the offending areas when many times knee pain is due to tight IT bands..
  13. I am a female and have gone out twice with Black Diamond Rage tools. I loved them. I have been DTing and ice climbing a couple times with other brands (Quark, Aztar, BD Prophets) and didnt like them as much. Hope this helps. You know John Frieh is right - get her what she wants because if you buy her a pair that doesn't suit her needs you might be buying a second pair next season.
  14. Alpiners Anonymous: PDX dry tool night

    John Frieh - are you going to be around Wednesday night also?