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  1. SarahPAC's targets for political assassination

    Ok Nitrox, I apologize for construing this as a reflection on you personally as an American. (That is, unless you tolerate anyone who advocates political assassination, no matter how nuanced.) Your little leftist/communist story is unsurprising. I haven't heard that kind of denialist spin yet, though I haven't been tuning into Fox either. It is possible, as you maintain, that this murderer was never exposed to or influenced by the recent propaganda campaign insinuating the killing of politicians, despite the best efforts of the powerful and well-funded political and media groups that produced them. I think this is unlikely, but you are welcome to your opinion. Regardless, what happened today underlines the immense moral and ethical hazard of advocating violence as a campaign strategy. May there be a God to protect her and reward her for her service, since nobody else could. Let us pray that this does not happen again--if you're the passive type. Otherwise, let's honor her by peacefully but vigorously opposing any and all political figures, ideologies, and media organizations that encourage this kind of tragedy. It's for real now.
  2. What a sad, shameful day to be an American. http://www.examiner.com/social-media-in-national/sarah-palin-posts-political-hit-list-on-facebook-taking-a-stand-or-suggesting-violence
  3. you mean like stealth bombers?

    Not to mention our new highly trained and psychologically tempered public and private urban peacekeeping force. Break yourself Haji! ps. we're hiring.
  4. Shouldn't they charge climbers for the rescue?

    Better have rescue insurance.
  5. "This is What Democracy Looks Like."

    The only one true democracy is the one of which we approve. In fact, you might as well just consider US the Church of Democracy. Does that clear things up?
  6. Positives of Bush

    Bush Announces Iraq Exit Strategy: 'We'll Go Through Iran'
  7. Positives of Bush

    It took decades, but we finally won #3! We could just walk right into any of the other top 5 now! We has the oil now!
  8. Me big Man, no have cycle. Me smash and burn, always win, always profit.
  9. WAMU

    All we need to do is to keep pretending that both we, the banks, and the banks' banks can all own the same money at the same time, like we always have been. It's just like Schrodinger's Cat. (Except that some people get to open the box sometimes and take out some of the money, and these are the relatively small number of rich Ponzi fellows toward the top of the scheme that went through all the trouble to promise you that you will always get an X% return, as long as everyone keeps putting money in the box.) Not all economies grow eternally. Not everything increases in value over time. A dollar today CAN equal less than a dollar tomorrow. (Dismissed--you may now jump.)
  10. Gas prices possibly heading soon to $6-$7 a gallon

    Yes, soon you will beg us to exploit the Iraqi oilfields, and liberate Saudi Arabia from its savage terrorist-harboring despots. Dance, silly consumer units! Has the crop any choice other but to grow and be harvested? baa
  11. Looking 4 My Dad

    Excellent, We have been looking for this man for quite some time... and he's looking fer yer daddy too just kidding kind of
  12. Castro Stepping Down

    Alright, the Commander in Chief already wastes enough time trying to make the spoiled whimpering masses feel good about themselves. What did you want him to say, that we'll bring Democracy to them? Yes, perhaps honesty may have been more appropriate. I'm sure it'll make a fine pit stop on our way to delivering it to the Orinoco.
  13. Castro Stepping Down

    All these problems will disappear as soon as you commies stop hobbling the inevitable privatization of the electoral/political process and allow the eventual transfer of power to corporate fiefdoms whose constituents will simply be able to vote with their dollars that they earn from their masters, as they have already been trained to do. There, are we back on topic now?
  14. Coffee, tea, or jihadaccino

    Something tells me this couldn't be one of ours. She'd have laughed in his face, taken the sucker punches, and pissed on their heads standing up once the cavalry arrived.
  15. Kumbayah Redux...

    Exactly. If those kids are starving, we got a warm meal and a hot rifle waiting for 'em right over in Islamistan!