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  1. Sport vs Trad

    So do you clip a bolt before every significant move? it depends on how you define "significant move", but yeah pretty much. turning the roof's a little funky cuz there's a boulder behind you. the next clip is tough and you definitely don't want to blow it, but overall quite safe and very fun. ready for the masses! hehe btw i'd like to take you up on that offer for checking out your climbs, or whatever you're working on (i think you mentioned something like this?). i have climbed a few heady lines, and i love the process.
  2. Obama Healthcare Lies

    this is what scares me: some form of "compromise". If there isn't a public option that ISN'T tied to private insurance costs, then might as well shoot the dog now. i seriously can't believe we even have these arguments when we are the LAST industrialized country without universal health care (and outspend everyone by a wide margin AND rank 37th, 30fuckin7th, in WHO's country ranking for med care).
  3. Sport vs Trad

    bolting news-flash: so i put in a couple bolts for a new line yesterday, oh papa! climbs the first half of an established line, then pulls the roof at a new location. fun slopey-ass huggin and tuggin up to a good bucket, then wicked fun driveby off a crimp to a 1/4 pad three finger crimp, uncoil, right foot up, and JUUUMMMPPP around the corner to a leaning edge. FEEEL THEE FEEVERR!! holeyyyyyy 13a to a V10 jump move, then funfun climbing to the anchors. and Donald, even though the first part is 13a, i wouldn't recommend that part to you cuz it's pretty bouldery, and i know yer more into fitness test-pieces. ok carry on.
  4. Why health care is so expensive

    i think his conclusions were clear, but it hardly makes the argument regarding private vs public moot. here's a fun blurb about taiwan's switch to a public model: Taiwan changed its health care system in 1995 to a National Health Insurance model similar to the US Medicare system for seniors. As a result, the 40% of Taiwanese people who had previously been uninsured are now covered.[5] It is said to deliver universal coverage with free choice of doctors and hospitals and no waiting lists. Polls in 2005 are reported to have shown that 72.5% of Taiwanese are happy with the system, and when they are unhappy, it's with the cost of premiums (equivalent to less than US$20 a month).[6] that 72% satisfaction rate seems to mirror polls from most countries with universal care. what's the US rate: 27% or so?
  5. Sport vs Trad

    Look close.....smith rock at its best. Kimmo project 1. Kimmo project 2. oh bug, i can only wish i would have been the one to slap bolts on such a beautiful feature. know where any others are?
  6. General Climbing Partner

    yer not raisa who moved to cali a few years ago?
  7. Sport vs Trad

    if you're reduced to living on cascadeclimbers.com, it's a sign you aren't very interesting. maybe.
  8. Sport vs Trad

    i think nietszche talked about this, didn't he kkk?
  9. Sport vs Trad

    ah lighten up! more photos please!
  10. Sport vs Trad

    i've read somewhere that once white men make a little money and get to middle age, it's kinda hard for them to see their own stupidity. any truth to that?
  11. Sport vs Trad

    BZZZZT! And the board goes back... he's connectionally challenged. but he has excuses. at least i have excuses for him. not sure what yet, but i'm sure there will be no shortage. but his photogs are cool!
  12. Sport vs Trad

    i know the connections might be a wee bit hard for you to see, but to put it simply, you are failing to entertain me. more hover fly pics please. yer photogs are cool.
  13. Sport vs Trad

    hmmm does that say WA? i guess i never knew darrington was spelled WA. dumbass. btw, don't tell me to go read yer previous chin dribble, cuz i ain't that much of a masochist. the above was enough.
  14. Sport vs Trad

    no defense of dwayner or pope here, but do you really advocate an approach to climbing that has no considerations of one's impact on both climbing and the environment? i suppose you're simply running off against the demagoguery of dwayner and pope.... not that it really matters; all of this catterwauling is simply here for my entertainment.
  15. Sport vs Trad

    still going; good work people. it's really the new perspectives that are keeping this thread going strong. but the following? i don't know who you do your pull-ups with, but middle-aged complacency and the attendant fitness challenges are a poor excuse for eliminating climbs that have stood as awesome testaments to the acceptance of particular types of challenges (and continue to provide these challenges for those interested). it seems as though maybe you've never really understood this type of climbing; that's cool. but some climbs need to and will continue to exist in their original state.
  16. Sport vs Trad

    have you been doing yer yoga?
  17. Sport vs Trad

    unfortunately not so, offie. my one trick: left sloper, right pinch sloper, right heel, left pinch sloper, heel to toe, dyno hard, fall offa right hand sloper. scream, repeat. practice and more practice is the secret to this trick; 50+ times now!
  18. Nason Ridge Crag Info Please!

    hey tim, looks like the links give you the approach, but not the routes. pm me if you want beta.
  19. Sport vs Trad

    who suggested sport climbing was "necessary" to get strong? you evidently know very little about the game, NOR what bachar was doing to get "strong". what's funny is that i think bachar moved on, and you seem to be stuck admiring him circa 1975.
  20. Sport vs Trad

    but even if it f'in matters, croft was there with seemingly way less ego. and i loved michael reardon, rip. effin fanboi.
  21. Sport vs Trad

  22. Sport vs Trad

    you have a wayyyyy over-blown sense of self-importance, fanboi.
  23. Sport vs Trad

    hey fanboi, you are an ignorant fool who lives in a fantasy world. get a life already, seriously. who gives a flying fuck what bachar did or any fucker did with climbing? do your own damn thing and enjoy it, instead of speculating about other climbers and their motivations. for all i know, bachar was an arrogant prick back in his heyday, only concerned about one-up-manship and the like; it seems like he changed, but i really don't give a damn (about him as a climber; him as a father and a human being: that's a different story). go ahead and live in 1972 or 1690 or whatever fuck year you worship, but quite honestly i'm tired of hearing about your uphill walks to school through snow in both directions.
  24. Sport vs Trad

    raindawg and pope have been ostracized ever since they turned into old skool fanbois dreamin their lives away. and you were just as busy back then bitchin about this place as you seem to be now. nothing has changed.
  25. Sport vs Trad

    now it's off to try my siiiiick uber-proj dude. wish me luck!