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  1. Anyone have a recent smoke conditions report? Especially N Pickets or Boston Basin at elevations between "road" and "tops of things"? Bellingham has been mostly clear, Methow is obviously a mess. The line has to be somewhere between the two....
  2. if I recall correctly, the "what Mt. Mazama might have looked like" illustration at Crater Lake is just Mt. Hood with the ski lifts photoshopped out
  3. Oleg! Great to hear from you again. I was just telling someone about our fun times on Reid the other day. Injury isn't too bad, but my lost fitness from desk life might be. Working on fixing that I did Burgundy a few years ago. Super fun, but too many skeets. I'll ping you soon, let's get something on the calendar.
  4. I'd love to do Baker this weekend, but not up for c2c. Could do a Saturday afternoon hike up to camp, early Sunday summit + return.
  5. Howdy. I moved up to Bellingham in May. Had a pretty bad ankle sprain in late March, plus way too much time at a desk in 2018 + 2019. Looking for partners for fun, easy-moderate stuff while I get back into it. I'm fond of suffer fests but probably not fit enough for one at the moment. Rock, alpine, ice, whatever. All good (except pad sniffing, not into that). Also my screwed up ankle probably can't handle any cracks for another month or two. DM me if you want to do something fun or stupid but not too hard.
  6. headlamp advise

    +1 for energizer as backup
  7. gear recall Gear Recalls

    When I saw the photo for the BD nylon sling recall, my immediate reaction was to check whether it was April 1 today.
  8. All Foam Helmets

    P.S. for any helmet manufacturers reading this: made the adjustable straps longer! Those of us with outsize noggins don't like having to choose between a hat and a fully open airway.
  9. All Foam Helmets

    Agreed about the buckle on the Sirocco. It gets clogged, and this seems to reduce the security of the clasp. The buckle is also really flimsy, and I had to replace it recently. That said, I still love the thing. It's taken some direct hits from rock and ice, and its still in great condition.
  10. [TR] Mt Hood - Reid HW 11/29/2015

    Oleg's traverse pitch (photo: "terrible traverse") probably had more forms of ice and snow than I'd ever seen in a single rope length.
  11. [TR] Lane Peak - The Zipper 11/21/2015

    We got on it Saturday as well. Approach is still fine without snowshoes (of course we still carried them -- d'oh!), especially making use of the trail that descends from the Narada Falls parking lot. I chickened out on leading around the side of the chockstone, which was almost entirely dry. So we squeezed awkwardly through. montynet: if you were the party of three which started the first pitch as a party of two came up behind (that was us), and which mentioned "long legs and gumption", then you were on the Zipper.
  12. I think it's a contact. Just one. PM me if it's yours.
  13. Richard Pargeter's Mountain Maps Return!

    I ordered through indiegogo and received my order yesterday. Beautiful work!
  14. Is North Sister "Terrible Traverse" dry?

    I have a good view and it looks snow free.
  15. Beta wanted Baker Coleman-Deming

    I climbed the route on Saturday, and it's in great condition. Bridges were solid. Conditions are late summer / early fall, so expect bare ice on the lower part of the glacier. There were only two notable objective hazards: we saw a car-sized chunk of ice calve off the bottom of the Coleman while we were getting on the glacier around 3-something am, and there is a large chunk of ice below Colfax that may not be long for this world. In the photo, it's the smaller and lower of the two striped portions above the icefall / debris field. The current boot track passes through the bottom of the debris field. Low on the route, we took a route a little less circuitous than it sounds like Nate G did. There are several viable options up there right now. Message me if you want a GPS track.