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  1. FS; BD camalots, c-4s and c-3s. $20 a piece

    sorry for the accusation, but gotta investigate any possiblities.
  2. sport next week!

    Its looking like we might get a little break in the weather next week! Anyone wanna go out and climb! maybe nevermind wall, or if vantage gets above 40 that would be fun. I'm down for anything that MIGHT be dry, i'll lead 11 sport or 7/8ish trad i have a rack and some leading experience. I've been climbing for over 10 years. I'm down to climb with any skill level, just be motivated to get out in the cold.
  3. Dog Owners' index

    people not allowed at my crag; people with dogs, people with kids, Poser NeWbs, People with boomboxes, People who climb stronger then me, People who smell funny, people who chew bubble gum. Pretty much if your not a hot half nakkid chic just stay home please.
  4. sport wed, thurs

    want to go climb at x38 tomorow, havent climbed in 3 weeks, must climb soon. i dont have to work till friday so tomorow or thursday would be best.
  5. i think its really cool that your out there developing this stuff and getting word out about new rock. i want to go check this stuff out.
  6. are you moving from wrightwood? by chance i met someone at willie whos moving to that area.
  7. Desparately Seeking New Stove

    yeah i had to switch to a canister, the gas in my wisperlite was just too tempting. long story short my fiend went without a wall on his tent for a night
  8. squish thurs....

    i'm going north for a couple weeks and i'm gonna need ppl to climb with. i'll be in squamish cruisin a red chevy with a shell so find me and lets climb
  9. School's out.........

    crank up the Alice in Chains! I think you got the wrong Alice
  10. climb sport today

    i'm in poulsbo and need to climb today. maybe x38
  11. Weekday partners near Seattle

    which areas are you looking to go to?

    I hate when i leave money in my panties, ITS SUNNY
  13. meanwhile, in a gun-toting utopia...

    shoot him ounce he stops running at you. self defense. shoot him three times and he dies. not self defense
  14. Rating New Climbs

    rating are for sissys, just don't rate it!
  15. afternoon climbing

    sounds good i want to go to 38 sometime this week
  16. tuesday may 25

    if its sunny i will need to climb! where are you thinking of going
  17. squamish this weekend?

    Or look for a crazy curly haired kid he's living out of his pack up there he's always down
  18. share gas to Yosemite?

    sounds fun, got anything your planning to hit down there